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Hey everyone. I submitted my documents already for Spring 2012 for the Murphy Campus and the deadline as I recall is August 15, 2011. I took the NLN on the 11th in Lagrange and got a 127 composite... Read More

  1. by   slangley
    Just wondering if anyone is applying again this year for RN program at WGTC for June 1st deadline?
  2. by   MedicMommy
    Yes, I am - if you haven't seen the updates that they made to the start dates for the programs (updated 4 weeks ago) I advise you do. Murphy is starting the fall, LaGrange in Jan., and from that point forward its TEAS and you'll be required to get your CNA at your own leisure. Are you currently finishing a class at WGT? Which one? Which campus?
  3. by   slangley
    Yes I've read all that. Murphy isn't looking at teas and cna until June 2013 deadline. June 2012 deadline is still NLN. I have all of my core completed that I need to graduate so i am not currently taking any classes. I have 3 a's and 2 b's with 98 on my NLN. What about you?
  4. by   MedicMommy
    Yea, I really hope I get into LaGrange for January...I don't want to have to wait any longer to get this started! I have a 4.0, but don't take the NLN until the 17th....I'm studying my butt off for it though....I can only hope to get your grade! That is excellent work! With that NLN score and your GPA, I'd be surprised if you didn't get in. Did you apply with those same figures once before?
  5. by   slangley
    Yes, this will be my third time applying. I had the same grades and Nln score last time I applied but the first time, I had an 84 on the Nln
  6. by   Christina3133
    This will be my first time applying. I have 5 A's 1 B and 1 C. My nun score is a 96%. Is this the first year that they are not doing the interviews? My overall score seems low compared to those who got accepted in past years. I am hoping it is only because of the interviews. I can not hardly wait for a letter! Be it good or bad!
  7. by   Christina3133
    I was told by an advisor that it will only be 20 per campus. So I guess that would mean 20 for murphy in the fall, and 20 for lagrange in the spring.
  8. by   JLO68
    I applied to the Waco campus, I hate the wait~Good Luck to you all....

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