West Ga Tech ASN Spring 2018 - page 3

Greetings Everyone, I am applying to the ASN program for the deadline of Septemeber 1,2017 and wanted to meet other people applying to the program. Anyone else applying to the program? and if so,... Read More

  1. by   kwyman1990
    I was accepted as well!
  2. by   starrynight781
    I was also accepted into the program!
  3. by   Future_Nurse123
    I just my email. I am also in too.
  4. by   Future_Nurse123
  5. by   AnAJmom
    Congratulations ladies!! Cannot wait to meet you!
  6. by   Future_Nurse123
    I created a group on facebook. Please join so that we can all stay updated. And I would love add another person I can have add as admin to monitor the page. If you would like to be an admin please let me know. ------> Log into Facebook | Facebook.
  7. by   RNyurizar

    I am so glad to hear you all made it. The professors at WGTC truly want you to succeed. I am still in the program so keep reaching for your goals. If you have questions you can message me through here.