West Ga Tech ASN Spring 2018 - page 2

Greetings Everyone, I am applying to the ASN program for the deadline of Septemeber 1,2017 and wanted to meet other people applying to the program. Anyone else applying to the program? and if so,... Read More

  1. by   kwyman1990
    Hey everyone!
    I have applied for the Spring '18 ASN program as well. My "competitive score" was 83.2. I'll be attending the 5:00-6:00p meeting on Monday, 25th. I'm an LPN so I'll be rushing from work to make it there! I really appreciate the people who comment and start these threads. They help lower my anxiety and anticipation a LITTLE bit. Haha!
  2. by   Future_Nurse123
    I will also be attending the evening session. As I will be coming to the meeting from work.
  3. by   AnAJmom
    So happy you joined! Our scores are all so close! Good luck!
    Ya'll will have to do a head count for the later session. Then we will know how may we are competing with.
    October 5th cannot come fast enough!
  4. by   Future_Nurse123
    How was the morning session? and how many people attended?
  5. by   AnAJmom
    There were 17 including me. She confirmed there are only 40 something completing. There were two people who said there scores. One had a 72 the other was a 78.
  6. by   Future_Nurse123
    There were about 16 people including myself. I heard no one mentioned their scores. Next Thursday they will email us and let us know if we're in. I'm so anxious.
  7. by   AnAJmom
    Did they take a role or anything?
  8. by   Future_Nurse123
    Nope.....No role was taken. Did they take the role for you guys?