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I applied to the University of West Georgia, and will not hear anyting until April. I am looking for people who have also applied to UWG and are waiting to hear. I thought we could form a support group on here and hold each other... Read More

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    Just got the letter! I've been accepted into the Carrollton full time program woohoo!!
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    Hi, Was wondering what kind of program GPA those that have gotten accepted had. Those that didn't get accepted or wait listed? I am looking at applying next year with a program GPA of 3.48. Is that competitive?
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    Congrats to you vandeurnat2! May I ask what your program GPA was?
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    My overall GPA was a 3.79. I know one of my friends that was accepted had an overall GPA around a 3.5 something though. They also award additional points to the application if you have 15+hrs completed at UWG, a Bachelor's degree, are a GA certified LPN, or live in Coweta county and apply to the part time Newnan program. Good luck!
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    Hi there. I applied with a 3.1 and was put on the wait list. I have a bachelor's degree and live in Coweta County (and applied to the Newnan campus).
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    I got a call after being wait-listed to the Carrollton program!!!!! yayyyy!! I had a 3.3 GPA and BS degree! Congrats to everyone who was accepted and to those who didnt dont give up! See you all on May 29th!! God bless .
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    Congrats SandraA! When did they call you? What did they say?
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    Congrats Sandra! This is great news See you at orientation!
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    Does any one know the statistic of people who got accepted in to UWG with minimum GPA?