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Hello i just applied to the residency program at piedmont hospital for the february 2013 program. Does anyone know how much the pay is starting. And the interview process. The position shows all of... Read More

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    runforrest- I can't use pm bc I haven't posted enough. if you want you can email me at girlygirlk8e@gmail.com :] I'm doing that thing where I thought my interview went good but going over and over in my mind what I answered with and if it should've been something else...I just really hope I get a spot!

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    me too I'm replaying how it went in my mind over and over again haha. i hate the waiting game lol. anyways i sent u an email from my yahoo account
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    hey girlygirl, I sent u an email back. i do have gmail if u want i can give u my gmail from my yahoo email and we can instant message or something anyways let me know
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    I got an interview on the 14th. I am very excited.
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    I got an interview too! Mine is in acute care. What about you?
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    Good luck you guys, got my fingers crossed for yall!!! If you get it then we will be nurse resident buddies! I start on Feb 25th for the CVU residency program!!
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    I was accepted into their cardiac unit. I wish you guys lots of luck for your upcoming interviews and hope to see you in February!
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    Hey! I'm interviewing soon too Hope I'll be joining you guys.
    I was just wondering.. does the panel ask you clinical based questions.. or just normal nursing questions about describing difficult pts and stuff like that
    Any tips or recommendations would be appreciated.. I'm SO nervous!
    Fingers crossed
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    I'll be starting in the acute care residency on February 25th.
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    So I have an offer with Gwinnett medical Duluth er and piedmont med/surg. Any advice??

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