rn residency program piedmont 2013 - page 2

Hello i just applied to the residency program at piedmont hospital for the february 2013 program. Does anyone know how much the pay is starting. And the interview process. The position shows all of... Read More

  1. by   Nursingfem007
    I sent my application since october 6...
  2. by   andrearose
    I am hoping for an interview too. I would love to work in L&D or Women's Services.
  3. by   girlygirlk8e
    I hope y'all hear something soon! There was a basic math test that you must pass in order to proceed with the interview. It isn't anything different than the same problems you do in nursing school and for the NCLEX. The interview is in front of a panel, they were all very nice and friendly along with being knowledgable about the program and what it offers. Sounds just marvelous! They said I'll hear back within two weeks. Until then, the waiting game begins....
  4. by   Nursingfem007
    Thanks for updating us girlygirlk8e. I hope i hear from them soon. Congrats again...
  5. by   runforrestrun
    i girlygirl I am new to All nurses is there an option u can send private messages? we can discuss the piedmont rn residency program? let me know
  6. by   runforrestrun
    i also had an interview
  7. by   nics1286
    I put transplant as my first choice. Anyone get an interview for transplant or acute care yet?
  8. by   girlygirlk8e
    runforrest- I can't use pm bc I haven't posted enough. if you want you can email me at girlygirlk8e@gmail.com :] I'm doing that thing where I thought my interview went good but going over and over in my mind what I answered with and if it should've been something else...I just really hope I get a spot!
  9. by   runforrestrun
    me too I'm replaying how it went in my mind over and over again haha. i hate the waiting game lol. anyways i sent u an email from my yahoo account
  10. by   runforrestrun
    hey girlygirl, I sent u an email back. i do have gmail if u want i can give u my gmail from my yahoo email and we can instant message or something anyways let me know
  11. by   andrearose
    I got an interview on the 14th. I am very excited.
  12. by   nics1286
    I got an interview too! Mine is in acute care. What about you?
  13. by   girlygirlk8e
    Good luck you guys, got my fingers crossed for yall!!! If you get it then we will be nurse resident buddies! I start on Feb 25th for the CVU residency program!!