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Hello i just applied to the residency program at piedmont hospital for the february 2013 program. Does anyone know how much the pay is starting. And the interview process. The position shows all of the units in one one posting.... Read More

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    Hi Shevy. I sent in my application on oct 16th. What track did you apply for? I hope you get an interview too!

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    Oh okay, that's around the same time I applied.I picked Critical Care,MedSurg and I think it was perioperative. I hope your interview is a successful one. Win one for the new grad team Lol. Keep me updated on your progress!!!
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    Congrats girlygirlk8e... i wish they would call me. Sent the questionaire. And received a send questionaire for labor and delivery residency program. Im ready to move up there..
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    I sent my application since october 6...
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    I am hoping for an interview too. I would love to work in L&D or Women's Services.
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    I hope y'all hear something soon! There was a basic math test that you must pass in order to proceed with the interview. It isn't anything different than the same problems you do in nursing school and for the NCLEX. The interview is in front of a panel, they were all very nice and friendly along with being knowledgable about the program and what it offers. Sounds just marvelous! They said I'll hear back within two weeks. Until then, the waiting game begins....
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    Thanks for updating us girlygirlk8e. I hope i hear from them soon. Congrats again...
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    i girlygirl I am new to All nurses is there an option u can send private messages? we can discuss the piedmont rn residency program? let me know
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    i also had an interview
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    I put transplant as my first choice. Anyone get an interview for transplant or acute care yet?

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