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  1. Hi Im a girl who is going to be senior in high school who really wants to be a nurse so anyone who is nurse right now or going to be can you give me any advise anything that related to nursing. Like what classes I should take in high school or what I have to take when I go to college since it's my last year in high school Im going to take AP chemistry but Im not really sure should I take biology instead? please help.
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  3. by   dje5418
    Chemistry is needed for any 4 year program (BSRN) but not always for a 2 Year RN (ADN). Suggest it if you plan on a 4 year or higher degree.

    Biology would help you with Anatomy and Physiology that ALL programs require to be a nurse. A & P I and II are used by nearly every program to "weed out" students. They are indepth studies of all parts of the body and how those parts function.

    Good luck your senior year!