PIEDMONT residency, anyone else get their app in?!

  1. Hi!
    was wondering if anyone else was able to get their application to the Piedmont hospital RN residency program? It's closed now, but I got mine in and have it as "sent to manager for review."
    Anyone else got this?
    Anyone get interviewed?
    Was told they got 200-300 applicants and are still going thru them.
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  3. by   csweetooth
    Good morning!
    Well congrats b/c your one step closer to getting an interview. Once they take a look at your application hopefully they will call for an interview. I know that who gets hired out of the group will start in September with me! Also if you get called for an interview there will be a med calc test you must do before the interview. This is usually on the same day. If you do not pass the process stops there. The test is the same as what you learned in school. Pay attention to what the question is asking and know how to focus in a noisey atmosphere. They give you the test in the employment center and people are coming in and out of the door. What did you put as your 1st & 2nd choice areas on your application? I will be in the cardiac program. Can't wait to start!
  4. by   bigcrisrn
    Wow, good info! I am actually really excited because I actually have an interview this week. I'll practice my med math before hand, but am sure i'll b fine there. So you are all ready accepted? did you go through the interview process or were you working there (or had a clinical there)? I am actually going for ICU. its where I feel at home. Do you happen to know how many slots are available? I imagine if there are three units (cardio, icu and crit care) taking residents, then it should be quite a few. Hope I make the cut!!!
    thanks for the reply and I hope i get in and get to meet you as well!
    gl to all!
  5. by   csweetooth
    Congrats! I hope you get what you want. Yes I have been accepted already. Just waiting for them to hire more people so we can all start class. Did you go to school here in GA? Keep me updated on how everything turns out. Yes I was a tech at Piedmont.
  6. by   bigcrisrn
    U r so lucky. you all ready had an "in." and am sure you are qualified as well, but it def helps to have worked there since you're seen as an "internal" applicant, right?
    any tips for the questions from the panel?!
    I went to school in LA. graduated in june, got lic in CA in 2 weeks, and in GA 3 weeks after that!
    thanks for the motivation!
  7. by   csweetooth
    when you are answering the clinical questions think out loud. Make sure the can see that you are critically thinking to achieve the answer. Esp. for critical care.
  8. by   bigcrisrn
    Wow, that's a good tip! I don't think i'd have done that. hopefully i have not forgotten too much!
    let u know how it goes!
  9. by   csweetooth
    Please do! Good luck!!
  10. by   bigcrisrn
    too my med math and had interview. i felt it went really well, but.... they r still interviewing for weeks and wont' decide for a while. hopefully i made enough of an impression on them to remember me. am bummed cuz i thought i'd start in sept same time as you, but hopefully they'll call eventually. have a great time on your orientation!
  11. by   csweetooth
    Good luck Chris. I hope you get it. I thought they were starting you guys in september. Was the the interview just for ICU?
  12. by   bigcrisrn
    ya, met with the head of the department, and the four icu managers. they were all really nice. i think they liked that i had taken the initiative to get acls/ecg certified, along with cont to study the NIS stroke scale. i felt i answered all my questions well. had to think on the clinical questions since it had been so long, but i came up with the answers. now i just hope they decide soon and i get to work! i miss treating patients and i really want to start putting all i've studied to practical use!
    have a great weekend!
  13. by   csweetooth
    C did you hear anything yet??
  14. by   bigcrisrn
    Sadly no... still hoping to hear. Did you start all ready?? hope all is well on your end!