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Any feedback on this school? How you like the program? I know they have consolidated with MGC. Have anyone been excepted with minimum stats? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks... Read More

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    I applied to BSN only. I have 2 years of core under my belt, and didn't want to have to spend another 2 years working on my associates, but if all else fails, I will apply to that program for the fall! I did pretty good on the HESI, but y GPA isn't that great...
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    I have all the core except my second science sequence but still applied to both because I was suppose to finish my core this fall...I am kinda nervous about my GPA as well but I pray we get our prayers answered. I'm just ready to know...
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    I have finished all core and did good on the HESI. Mine not that great either, but I'm claiming VICTORY for all of us.
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    Any news yet? I'm getting anxious...
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    No.I am on pins and needles every time I go to the mailbox! They need to hurry up! I am ready to know! What were everyone's stats? GPA? HESI?
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    Called yesterday, and they said the next couple of weeks! They're driving me crazy......
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    I just called today. They said that the letters would be sent out this week. Good luck to everyone!
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    That's good to hear! I'm praying for good news for us!
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    I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my letter today!
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    That's awesome! What was your GPA?????? I haven't gotten mine, but they sent them out alphabetically...and my last name starts with an S...so maybe tomorrow! That is so exciting! CONGRATS!!!