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Any feedback on this school? How you like the program? I know they have consolidated with MGC. Have anyone been excepted with minimum stats? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks... Read More

  1. by   Lica05
    Any news yet? I'm getting anxious...
  2. by   Redhead9038
    No.I am on pins and needles every time I go to the mailbox! They need to hurry up! I am ready to know! What were everyone's stats? GPA? HESI?
  3. by   Lica05
    Called yesterday, and they said the next couple of weeks! They're driving me crazy......
  4. by   Redhead9038
    I just called today. They said that the letters would be sent out this week. Good luck to everyone!
  5. by   Lica05
    That's good to hear! I'm praying for good news for us!
  6. by   Lica05
    I got in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Got my letter today!
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  7. by   Redhead9038
    That's awesome! What was your GPA?????? I haven't gotten mine, but they sent them out alphabetically...and my last name starts with an S...so maybe tomorrow! That is so exciting! CONGRATS!!!
  8. by   Lica05
  9. by   Lica05
    This was the best news! My gpa is only 3.1 and I made a 90 overall on the HESI. I made a 940 on the critical thinking part.
  10. by   Lica05
    Hope you get your ACCEPTANCE letter tomorrow. And I guess they put you on a campus closest to your home. I will be at the Macon campus. I live about 45 min away.
  11. by   Redhead9038
    There is hope for me! I have a 3.05, and I made a 90 on the HESI....say a little prayer please!! I know you have a HUGE weight lifted off of your shoulders now!!!
  12. by   Redhead9038
    I live in Gray, so it's ab 30 minutes away..if I get in we'll be in the same cohort...study buddies!!!
  13. by   Lica05
    YAY!!!! You have to be in there! I am saying a prayer right now! My last name starts with an A so hopefully yours will come tomorrow!

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