Macon State College ASN FALL 2012

  1. Anyone know how long it takes to recieve letters?
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  3. by   cjlawson5
    im curious to know that too!! im so anxious!
  4. by   Lily8
    Any news anyone? I saw that BSN letters were sent long for the ASN?
  5. by   cjlawson5
    Still haven't heard anything about ASN... what r they waiting on???
  6. by   Lily8
    Yeah, I know right? haha Well I just am trying to plan out my life. lol I guess I'll just be patient. I received a letter today stating that it is good to have AP1 & 2, which I have so I was wondering why they sent that and saying thanks for applying, but I was kinda confused why they just sent it out......shouldn't letters be coming soon?
  7. by   cjlawson5
    Lol i got that too and was confused.. i have completed those classes.. i also heard if ur letter comes in a regular envelope its a rejection letter so when i got the letter about the a&p classes i was sad and didnt wanna open it! Lol. I emailed my advisor and she said 1 to 2 weeks.
  8. by   Lily8
    Well, I'll definitely let ya know if i get something...
  9. by   MedicalMinded
    Hey guys! I also applied. I guess we will find out soon.

    do you guys mind sharing your gpa an teas score?
  10. by   MedicalMinded
    OMG! i just called the nursing office and they said asn decision letters went out yesterdae! we will knw any dae now!
  11. by   cjlawson5
    No for me!