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  1. Hello everyone, I just moved to Marietta, GA South Cobb County from Missouri. Can someone please give me advice on a LPN to RN bridge programs in the area. Or, something no more than1 hour away. I want to get in and out of a regionally accredited program ASAP with no waiting list.

    Thanks in Advance, Carla.
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  3. by   FitMommyRN
    I know Georgia Perimeter College has an LPN-RN bridge. I don't think any schools in Georgia carry a wait list. The people with the most competitive GPA and entrance exam scores get in. If you're not competitive enough for that round of applicants, you just have to keep trying.
    I'm not an LPN so I'm not sure about the extra requirements for acceptance. I think they require a letter from your current employer or previous employer then you wait to see if you're selected to do an interview, then they choose the applicants from there.

    I'm sure there are other LPN-RN bridge programs around, try google.
  4. by   SuperStarRN
    There is Georgia Perimeter College, Georgia Highlands College, North Georgia College and State University and others I'm sure. But yes they do waitlist people if you do not meet the cutoff initially. They have waitlists because people apply to multiple schools so if someone decides not to take their seat then they start calling from the waitlists. These are the main schools with the bridge program that I know off the top of my head. Of the 3 that I mentioned, Georgia Highlands has the best reputation.
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    thank you Jennys77 for the nursingdegree.com site. it'e a wonderful site with alot of info.

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