LPN Pay in Columbus GA

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    Can someone please tell me what the pay for newly graduated LPN is in Columbus GA

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    The pay is low compared to where I lived in Opelika, AL which is only a 35 min drive away. Cols Regional LTC facility paid $15 for PRN experienced. Muscogee Manor, Magnolia Manor also low. I know Sunbridge was $18 almost $19 but no benefits if you chose that option. ATC Healthcare which is a staffing agency out of Milledgeville, Ga staffs there and pay $18-$19, I frequently work those areas as I live in Lagrange.
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    Thank u for answering tam! It seems like the way to go for lpns in the tri city area is home health then? I really wanted to start off at a hospital to gain experience as I'll be graduating next summer but 15/hr is very low for lpn pay... Do u know if atl is any better?
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    Hi Tam! Has the job market and pay for LPNs gotten any better in Columbus area?
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    Its about the same in my opinion. I had an interview in that area several months ago and turned it down. I have gotten better luck closer to Atlanta. I still do some agency work and it pulls $20/hr and you pay your own taxes at end of year.
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    hi Im moving to the area. do you know of anyone who hires new lpns

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