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Just wondering if anyone out there is planning to apply to Kennesaw State for the Fall of 2013. I know the deadline is 3 months away, but I wanted to get a thread started for anyone interested in discussing the process as we go... Read More

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    I applied too. Does anyone know when we'll hear back?
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    Since the deadline is not until Jan 31, I am assuming we won't hear anything about interviews until late Feb, early March. And if we get interviews, I think we won't know the final answer until May. I'm just estimating based on what I remember reading from another applicant pool's thread.
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    I'm planning on applying, too. Not sure if I'll get in because I haven't been the best student. Figured it was worth a shot though! Has everyone else already taken the TEAS?
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    I took it in October. Have you taken it yet?
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    I have applied for Fall as well, I got an interview last semester, but still didn't make it in, so trying again.
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    I have been accepted to to the university . Now im waiting to get accepted to the nursing school
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    I applied! I am currently taking Micro, APII, Econ, and Geography (I needed an online class, don't judge). I have a 3.82 GPA overall, 3.79 for math/sciences. I received an 88 on my TEAS.

    I'm applying to two other programs, however KSU is my top-choice. I hate the waiting game. Stresses me out.
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    I've applied for the Fall 2013 semester as well, but I'm not getting my hopes up. My gpa isn't that great but my TEAS score wasn't bad, so I don't really know what to expect.
    Care to share what the interview was like, tanalore? Like how long it was, what questions they asked.
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    Has any one already got accepted to the university and now just waiting to get accepted to the nursing school
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    I've been accepted to KSU and ended up transferring, so I'm currently a student there. Just waiting to hear back from the nursing program now. I took the TEAS on Friday and did the application Saturday morning.