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Hello, is there anyone out there that has applied for KSU's BSN program for Fall 2012? I know it is really early and the deadline isn't until Jan. 31, 2012, but just wanted to see if anyone will be playing the waiting game... Read More

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    Yes, on degreeworks. As of right now - there's nothing
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    MrsCheddar, I just looked as well! nothing yet!
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    I looked too..nothing yet
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    Thank you Gtqueen347 again. Your advises are really valuable to me. Every step to the nursing program is nerve -wracking. However, just be patient. I want to ask how many credits do you have each semeter and are there lots of clinicals during the week? Sorry I have no idea of what to expect when the semester starts.
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    Me too. I checked my mailbox everyday but nothing yet.
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    If so, it is even better. I heard that one girl did not show up on the day she signed up for the interview then later on Thursday she called in and asked for one and they allowed her. However later she got accepted to Clayton and I heard that she will go to Clayton. Anyway, I heard that from another person and she does want that seat any more. But I do seriously...
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    Working part time is doable. However, day jobs are unlikely to work out. I worked part-time my first semester, but because it was a day job, I ended up working very few hours and quite after the first semester. Most students that are employed work as patient care techs at hospitals on a PRN basis because the hospitals like nursing students as techs, and they are flexible with the school schedule. Its a win-win.
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    You can see the schedule breakdown on the school of nursing website. It is around 15 hours/semester. However, the summer is less (usually 12) broken up between maymester and summer session. Accelerated students admitted in the Fall, you'll have 1 clinical first semester (1 day/wk), 2 clinical courses during the Spring semester (Adult Health and Mental Health - each 1 day/wk for a total of 2 days/wk), 1 during the summer semester (OB/Peds - which is a 2 day/wk clinical for summer) and 2 during the final Fall semester (Practicum and Community Health). Practicum is several days/wk. You pretty much work a full time schedule with your preceptor until you complete your clinical hours. The days are more flexible and based on what you and your preceptor decide.
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    I got accepted to Clayton, but I am waiting on KSU so I can make my decision. I don't know which one to pick if I get into both. They are both around the same distance from me.

    Gtqueen371, are most of the nursing students working at night, since you said days is bascially too hard? I am a tech at a hospital and I work days right now.
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    Sorry. I should have clarified. By days, I mean a desk/office job (8am-5pm). You will have at least one day of the week and weekends where you could work as a Tech. The job I had was Mon-Fri from 8am-5pm, but I was in school 4 out of 5 days of the week. So, that did not work. A Tech job is doable as long as you can time manage effectively.
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