Hopeful for RN program @ West Georgia Technical College Spring 2012

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    hey all! i turned my paperwork in a couple weeks ago for spring 2012 entrance into the rn program at wgtc. reply if you did also

    i'm competing with...
    3 a's
    2 b's
    98 on the nln

    i will post when i receive something in the mail

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    Just received my competitive selection score letter..
    95.4 points
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    Hi Slangley...I applied and am waiting on my compeitive score letter...Hopefully it will arrive this week. As soon as I get it I will post away
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    Still waiting.....
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    Still waiting...
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    It will come soon
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    Im still waiting to...When did you turn your application in? I turned my in on 8/11.
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    I turned mine in July 30th and JasJace turned hers in on the 11th of august.
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    Still waiting, turned mine August 12
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    Yeah this is turning into the wait game of the year...lol I assume we wont get score letters till after labor day and then 3 weeks later yes/no letters. Im just focusing elsewhere right now because its driving me :smackingf

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