Hopeful for RN program @ West Georgia Technical College Spring 2012 - page 6

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hey all! i turned my paperwork in a couple weeks ago for spring 2012 entrance into the rn program at wgtc. reply if you did also :) i'm competing with... 3 a's 2 b's 98 on the nln i will post when i receive something in... Read More

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    Got 3 bs, 2 as and a 94 on nln, did not get in for spring 2012 for anyone that reads this in the future. My competitive score was a 93
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    Hey y'all just wondering if anyone is applying again for the RN program at WGTC for the June 1st deadline?
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    Slangley - you didn't get in with a 95.4? well, then i will definitely not be getting this fall for Waco with a 90.74 ..... figured it wouldn't be good enough....but damn damn damn!