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  1. Hi everyone! I'm new to this site so bare with me! I am a student at west georgia technical college and I recently turned in my application for the rn program for fall 2011 acceptance. I was going to put my grades out there and see if anyone thinks I might have a chance au getting into the program or just to talk with others competing! My grades were: 3 A's & 2 B's. I had composite score of 123 on nln (84th percentile). I'm so anxious to know! I want to get in the program so bad! please give me some feedback, thanks!!
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  3. by   lorraineatl
    Hi Slangley,

    I recently turned in my application as well for Fall, Murphy Campus and am waiting. I am not sure if the applications will be reviewed this week, but I was told we would get a interview letter within two weeks if we were selected for that process. I am praying they will send it out this week. Good luck. Keep in touch, I will as well.
  4. by   slangley
    I hope they come out soon!! What were your grades/nln score?
  5. by   lorraineatl
    Not to excited with my grades, 2 A's, 2 C's and a B....As for the nln I scored a 98. I hope and pray it all balances out for the best. If not I plan to retake those classes I made the 2 c's in over the summer and reapply for the spring. I am so anxious bit trying not to stress.
  6. by   slangley
    Wow! NLN score is awesome! How did you study? I got the study guide by NLN and studied it for 3 weeks cover to cover. I thought I had everything down but still came out with an 84. I was bummed... I might have to take it for a 3rd time if I don't get in. But some tips would be helpful
  7. by   lorraineatl
    Did you use the study guide from the school? I used the Kaplan Nursing Entrance exam book and found it to be very helpful. As for the math, I had my son who is a sophmore in highschool tutor me. The first time I made a 89 so I retook it after reviewing the math and did much better. Also with the vocabulary words, make flash cards for all of them in the study guide that you dont know, this helped me to familarize myself with the words I dont use everyday.
  8. by   slangley
    Yes I used the book from the bookstore at the school.. I thought I knew everything well, I made notecards for everything! I don't know what happened. I know I'm not a good test taker. But please keep me informed and i will do the same. I will let you know when my letter comes! Are you taking microbiology this quarter?
  9. by   lorraineatl
    I will keep you posted. No, I am done with Micro and all of my other core classes as well, with the exception of History. If I dont get in, I plan on retaking the two classes I made a C in over the summer and reapply again for the spring. If you have to retake the NLN, I will give you what I used to prepare. I am not a test taker either but this book actually helps you with test anxiety as well. Good luck and hope to hear from you soon.
  10. by   slangley
    Ok I'm taking micro this quarter. All I have left is psy2103. If you take history at murphy take ----.. he is so easy! Who do you recommend for psy2103? I will be taking it during the 5 week minimester.. ahh!! Anyhow, I'll let you know when I get something in the mail
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  11. by   lorraineatl
    I took PSY2103 @ my other school. During the mini mester I will take ----, Thanks for the heads up because that subject bores me I need it to be as easy as possible. I looked to see if I could take him this term and he is all booked...lol Hope he is teaching the summer. I will come to this thread as soon as I get my letter
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  12. by   slangley
    girl his class fills up fast! I would get on at midnight at next registration! I hate history but every one of our tests were open notes and he doesn't use a book
  13. by   lorraineatl
    Now that is WAY COOL!!!! I will be at the computer at 11:58 when registraion starts for the summer.
  14. by   dianah
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