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Has anyone heard anything about Herzing University's Nursing Program.....particularly here in Atlanta? I know they have one in Florida and Winsconsin. :confused:... Read More

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    Quote from HopefulNurse2011
    especially i have debt from my first BA from a private college...i would have been 100k+

    i think i will wait to see if i can get into a 2 year college and go there for free because I have pell grant and the bridge over. I just dont think that facility is worth 75,000 for 36 months.

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    I really don't think I'm feeling this school at all. I have come to the conclusion that ALOT of these programs are capitalizing off the fact that there are soooooo many people that want to go into nursing, therfore, they increase the prices of tuition to rediculous amounts. I have several family members and friends in the field and NONE of them paid nearly as much as 75,000 for a BSN? I mean really? ALL of this is annoying to me
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    You are funny, HopefulNurse2011....LOL I thought it was the best structured and organized program presentation that I have seen so far. I thought the tuition was a bit much but when you think about it Emory is about the same amount. I really liked the fact that they were going to get the CCNE accreditation that makes a difference when you are trying to get money for school.
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    As with all private schools it's expensive and I saw on one link that actually all nursing programs cost the same but that public schools get subsidies from the state and federal government which allows them to offer the programs a lower costs.
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    costing the same and paying the same is different. i would love to get a 100k education for 10k. herzing isn't emory, emory's name alone would get you a job and is worth it. good luck to those pursuing herzing
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    EXACTLY!!!! I work at Emory, and Lord knows, if I had the money to attend Emory's nursing school, I would NOT have a problem with paying 75,000 for that degree. People come from ALL PARTS of the US to attend Emory University. The name alone will land you a job anywhere. As for Herzing.....I'll pass....I'm looking at Georgia Highlands and possibly going back to Gordon.
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    well i wont be able to apply for spring admissions now, wont have the 1200 needed to complete my last 2 classes in time for this semester...sigh. now i have to aim for summer 2012 or fall 2012 if bauder doesnt start a program beginning of next year. I looked on the board of nursing in ga to get all the schools that are within driving distance or that i would be willing to move for (savannah) seems like only 2 so far have summer admissions (darton and west ga) everyone else has fall of course, now its a mtter of when their deadline is and if i can apply missing a few pre-reqs. GA highlands is one of my top choices too, i was going to apply for apring admissions but since im missing anat 2 and micro my scoresheet probably would have been too low. fall has a lower scoresheet accepted. Im even going to apply for schools in michigan where im from and move in with the folks if i get in.
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    I have received the acceptance letter for Herzing in Atlanta for the BSN program, but they want me to retake Anatomy 1 and 2, microbiology, public speaking, and English 1102. I am wondering if it's a good idea to spend my time and money on those classes again. Does anyone can advice me on this please? I am confused.
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    I went to their information session twice and trust me their program aint ccne accredited it could take 3 to 10years to achieve that so paying 80k amount of money for just a bsn without fully accreditation don't seems right. Please apply to the state schools to lower your cost.. on georgia nursing board is still under the developmental accreditation meaning is not fully accredited. Herzing University aint a great school to be paying such an amount why not try mercer or emory? think twice.
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    I attend Herzing now, some of your prereqs will transfer, however it will Not shorten your graduation time, it will just allow you to go to school less days a week. Their nursing programs are set to specific lengths. At other universities you could apply your credits and js go straight in to your core classes, herzing doesnt do that. However, it is a good school but very expensive due to it being a private college..plus you have to be a good self teacher at times, but good luck to you all.

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