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GTC 2012 applicants

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    Me too!! I'm applying for the fall
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    anyone else applying?! I know there are more of us on here! Come out of hiding and lets get to know each other!
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    I am applying for fall too! Do you guys mind sharing your statistics? I'm trying to see where I stand. This is mine:
    Overall GPA: 3.81
    Human A&P 1, Lab- A,A
    Human A&P 2, Lab- B,A
    College Algebra- B
    English 1101- A
    Psychology- A

    In the process of taking Microbiology and statistics now...
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    welcome! Those are great stats!!

    I have a 4.0 GPA. I have all A's in all my prereqs and non prereqs. I'm currently taking microbiology (the final prereq) and have an A in it as well. Of course though... a 4.0 is only half the battle. They take half your GPA and half your Kaplan score so I'm still worried about getting in!
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    I am applying for Fall 2012.
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    ok all! Program deadline is almost a month away! How's everyone feeling?! Nervous?
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    I am also an applicant. There will be 300 qualified applicants at the mandatory meeting, where we will also schedule our entrance exam. We should be getting a letter soon.
    I have a 4.0 GPA all pre-req's completed (I have completed around 47 credit hours).

    Still worried about the exam though.
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    I've applied for Fall 2012 too!

    4.0 for pre-reqs and non pre-reqs... Took the Teas for GPC last June...nervous about the Kaplan though... ack!
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    Wow! it seems like all of you have 4.0's : / I only have a 3.5, so I guess I better study for the Kaplan day and night until march Which nursing meeting are you all going to next Wednesday, 3 or 6?
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    There have been 300 invited to take the test, so yes, study hard! I won't be taking it after all, I was accepted at my first choice nursing program.
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    That is great! Congratulations! So which school did you end up getting accepted to? Let us know how it goes, please.

    To Metoyou,

    I"m going to the 3 pm meeting... so excited! yay! nervous nervous nervous though.
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    Im hoping to make the 3 pm meeting as well, depends on when I can get off work! Im so nervous about the meeting too, haha I always freak out when brought face to face with all the people competing for nursing school spots, always makes it seem so much real :/ I really can not wait till spring is over, and we know if we have been given a spot into a nursing program!