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    Hi everyone! Im also attending next weeks meeting.
    metoyou: My GPC is also 3.5. Im getting worried now! I guess we just need to study A LOT!
    Goodluck to everyone!
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    I applied too. will be going for the 6pm meeting. I have a 3.7.
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    Good luck to all of us, and everyone breathe! We'll all be fine! See you guys at the 3 pm.
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    Just wondering if GTC look more at prerequisite GPA or the overall GPA when considering a candidate for the nursing program....
    does anybody gave an idea?
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    oops....HAVE, not gave....
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    From what I understand they look at the prereqs GPA and the Kaplan. 50/50. She said if you have a 3.0 and you do really excellent on the Kaplan then you have a better chance to get in.... If you have a 4.0 and you blow it on the Kaplan, then you will be out... But if you have the 4.0 and you excel on the will most likely get in... Its the combo of the highest for the first 60 students....

    And as far as Thurs afternoon the # is 217 people in line..... there was 275 going to the meeting but 58 didn't show up...
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    How do you know about the number being 217 now? I really hope so!
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    When I was signing up for the Kaplan Thursday afternoon, I was #186 on the signup sheet. The nursing dept woman who was signing me up overheard me telling mom that we were at 275. She told me that those 58 didn't show up for the meeting on Wednesday and we were down to 217!!!

    I almost did a jig I was so happy to hear that! LOL That sounds so evil of me...but I'm truly not being evil. I'm just 42 and need to get in so bad. I am living with my folks because I lost my job and decided to go back to school when I couldn't find work. I can't afford to wait.. I'm not married and have no other support...just my student loans.. I have to be out of my folks house by June 2013.
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    You are making me so happy right now! And I know how you feel. I want this soooo bad! I'm sure you are going to do great! Good luck and hopefully we'll be classmates in August?!!
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    GTC2012! I'm glad to hear that I made you happy! And yes, that would be wonderful...Do I know you? Were we in any of our prerequisite classes together?
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    I don't think so. This is my first semester at GTC.
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    Thanks, kiki, I'm a little relieved.... i have a decent prereq GPA, but unfortunately not a decent overall (from eons ago) GPA.
    I'm a little nervous about the Kaplan exam especially the math and science portions. Good luck everybody on your upcoming exams! Hope you all do well.
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    You're very welcome. Good luck to you too... I'm sure you will do great. When is your test date?