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    There have been 300 invited to take the test, so yes, study hard! I won't be taking it after all, I was accepted at my first choice nursing program.
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    That is great! Congratulations! So which school did you end up getting accepted to? Let us know how it goes, please.

    To Metoyou,

    I"m going to the 3 pm meeting... so excited! yay! nervous nervous nervous though.
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    Im hoping to make the 3 pm meeting as well, depends on when I can get off work! Im so nervous about the meeting too, haha I always freak out when brought face to face with all the people competing for nursing school spots, always makes it seem so much real :/ I really can not wait till spring is over, and we know if we have been given a spot into a nursing program!
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    Hi everyone! Im also attending next weeks meeting.
    metoyou: My GPC is also 3.5. Im getting worried now! I guess we just need to study A LOT!
    Goodluck to everyone!
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    I applied too. will be going for the 6pm meeting. I have a 3.7.
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    Good luck to all of us, and everyone breathe! We'll all be fine! See you guys at the 3 pm.
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    Just wondering if GTC look more at prerequisite GPA or the overall GPA when considering a candidate for the nursing program....
    does anybody gave an idea?
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    oops....HAVE, not gave....
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    From what I understand they look at the prereqs GPA and the Kaplan. 50/50. She said if you have a 3.0 and you do really excellent on the Kaplan then you have a better chance to get in.... If you have a 4.0 and you blow it on the Kaplan, then you will be out... But if you have the 4.0 and you excel on the will most likely get in... Its the combo of the highest for the first 60 students....

    And as far as Thurs afternoon the # is 217 people in line..... there was 275 going to the meeting but 58 didn't show up...
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    How do you know about the number being 217 now? I really hope so!

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