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  1. by   adria10
    Thank you metoyou, you're so nice! I always say that God will give us what is right and when the time is right for all of us. We just hope that time is now.
  2. by   dougla2q
    It's really hard to figure out what they look at..... I posted my Teas score and Gpa in earlier posts. I think they look at how successful you would be in the program. I know that sounds weird but example- if you have only attendend GPC and you meet the requirements you are more likely to get in than someone who has the same scores as you but is trying to transfer in. Repeat classes I dont think they look at that a lot I had to do retake A&P 2 last semester because I got a D last semester (I got sick was hospitalized and in the ICU for a while), my teacher wouldn't allow me to get an incomplete. If the Nursing program is for you, it will happen for you......God is in control and he allows favor when the odds look grim. Everyone stay encouraged.....please trust God and keep praying it will happen for you guys I rooting for you guys.
  3. by   mg100
    Got my rejection letter today. Good luck everyone!!!
  4. by   metoyou
    Im so sorry mg100! Have you considered doing an LPN program and then bridging over? Thats my plan if I do not get in because I do not want to just continously apply and wait to get in, that could take longer then the LPN program, or I could never get accepted. Well, im super nervous now and am finding it hard to stay optimistic....I have no idea what to think, they normally do not send out the rejection letters this close to the acceptance letters, seems like there is usually one or two weeks in between. Kinda thinking acceptance letters were saturday and rejection letters are today.....wish I was home already :/
  5. by   kiki69
    Hey Nursetobe10!

    You are exactly right, I did get denied for Spring 2012 with those scores and grades. So everyone definitely stay positive and objective. And keep in mind, I know how it feels to get the denial letter. Don't ever give up! It will happen!

  6. by   kiki69
    I'm sorry mg100. Don't give up though, ever! Did you apply anywhere else?
  7. by   adria10
    Ohhhh noooo mg100, I'm sorry! I don't get it why!...but now I'm worried. I'll get home only around 8pm, and the day couldn't get slower than this.
    Mg100, I agree with kiki, just don't give up, there are some other options out there! I really wish you the best of luck!
  8. by   metoyou
    Nursetobe10 I know how you feel, today has been the longest day of my life!!! Now I am just waiting for my husband to get home and check the mail, wanted to do it myself, but I can not wait any longer
  9. by   adria10
    That is so funny you saying that, cause I just hang up the phone with my roomate...callled her to see if she's at home to check the mailbox and tell me if there is a big or small envelope for me from GPC ...but I'm out of luck cause she's at work .... I got to find a way to find out before I get home!
  10. by   kiki69
    I am keeping all my body parts crossed you two!
  11. by   adria10
    Thanks kiki, I'll let you guys know soon as I get to my best friend of the day-my mailbox ...I just got permission to get off at 5:30 and head straight home...OMG I am sooo nervous!
  12. by   mg100
    Nursetobe10, GOOD LUCK!!! Thinking positive thoughts for you!!!
  13. by   mg100
    Metoyou, yes maybe I will look into LPN that is probably a good idea. I dont know anything about it, but maybe it is that time. I really hope you get your good news today!!

    Thanks Kiki69, I applied to Gwinnett Tech too, I take my Kaplan test tomorrow. Although I think that school is just as competitive. The problem is I am older, so I dont have a lot of time to waste!!! Congratulations on your acceptance, I know how excited you must be!!

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