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    Hey all,

    new to this site, and i got my acceptance letter saturday! so excited and nervous at the same time..

    and to the poster that asked. my gpa 3.3 ish and teas acceptable (i think that was the term) not the highest one, but the second hightest one.

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    Teas was only proficient...but gpc gpa 3.6.
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    Hey Onlyhope8,My overall gpa is 4.0 and teas 78%
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    Wowwww!!! Really??? I am soo nervous from this point on!!!! I have not received anything yet!
    I AM SOOOO HAPPYYYYY FOR ALL OF YOU THAT GOT ACCEPTED!!! OMG I am soooo not gonna be able to sleep tonight! Good luck everybody!Pe proud of yourselves...your dream has come to reality's all up to you now! YOU CAN DO IT!
    Everybody that got accepted, if you haven't mentioned your GPA and Teas score, do you mind posting it? I would just like to get an idea on what I should expect for myself although I'm gonna stay positive, I'm not going to keep my hopes to high until I see the result. Thanks and further good luck to all!
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    Hello Everyone,

    To all the the future nurses on this site accepted by GPC I look forward to being molded into a nurse with you all as one of your Fall 2012 cohorts. I got my acceptance yesterday!!! HAPPY!!! HAPPY!! JOY!! JOY!! To all the future nurses who haven't gotten a response yet I wish you all the best of luck

    Overall GPA 3.63
    Biology GPA 3.25
    TEAS 71 (Proficient)
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    Congratulations everyone, the letters came early!! Well I did not get one either, this is my second time applying...but I knew it would be close - Teas was an 80, and overall GPA 3.4. I think GPA weighs heavier at GPC.....good luck to everyone!!
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    Mg100, did you receive a letter over the weekend also?
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    No!!! I know I did not get in, last time everyone got their packets on the same day, and rejection letters came later. Maybe I am wrong, but I am not hopeful at this point. Did you get yours?
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    If you read back over the Fall 2011 posts on here, there was atleast one person who received her letter the monday after everyone else, but if its not in the mail today I agree with you mg100, we are probably not getting an acceptance letter. Well, unless someone declines and were on the top of the rejection list.
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    My teas adjusted score was 97.3. I am not sure what GPA they assigned me. This is a second degree for me. My overall gpa last time was 3.2, but the few courses they transferred came out to only 2.9. I've taken several CLEP tests for general education, and I've heard they count as Bs. Then I've taken 14 hours of pre-requisites here at GPC and gotten all As on them, so my official GPC gpa is 4.0. So depending which courses they count, and how they figure in the transfer credit, I have between 3.3 and 4.0.

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