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    I wish you all the best with your acceptance!
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    Quote from kiki69
    I've applied to the Fall 2012 program also. I had applied to Spring 2012 and did not get in, so I'm keeping everything crossed! Good luck to everyone.
    Kiki you WILL do it this time. Hang in there!
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    Hi Nursetobe10 ....would love to know your real name!

    Thank you so much for the compliments, I really appreciate it. I wondered why also, but never actually called. I went to one of the nursing seminars and spoke with someone there, they looked a bit confused about it too and told me that they mainly took the LPN's that were bridging over. Made me feel a little better, but you know, it's all a crap shoot. I do know that they took people for Spring who had worse scores and grades than me, so in the end, who know? I am done with my pre-requisites as of Fall 2011, I'm just taking classes that will go towards my Bachelors degree at this point.

    What are your scores? and how did you do on the TEAS? Did you apply anywhere else aside from GPC?

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    Hey Keep! Good to see you. Thanks for the encouragement! How have you been? Have they been keeping you busy?
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    Hey Kiki yes they are keeping us very, very busy. January was hell but we made it. We alot of things the pass with a in 2 week period (crazy and stressful). It isn't that it's "hard" but it's just ALOT of work and ALOT of studying. But I'm sure you will now just what I'm talking about come fall of this year;-). I'm not sure if this info helps with understanding their acceptance but the bridge program is separate from the traditional track. We have 30 students in our class. Also as far as the teas try not to stress to bad like I did, I think as long as you score at least proficient your ok. For example if someone with a 80 on the teas has a 3.0 GPA vs a person with a 68 on Teas and a 3.8 GPA; I think they would choose the person with the 3.8 GPA as long as everything else checks out. I truly believe they focus more on the GPA.
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    So it is separate. Well they told me a falsehood then. You do have a guy in your class who was in my Microbiology...His name is Richard...tell him I said Hi! please. I have a 4.0 gpa and got an 82 on the TEAS(June 2011), they told me not to retake it for Fall, that i had a competitive score for Fall 2012 already but now that I've been through Micro I think I would do better on it.

    I'm glad that you are enjoying it! I'm sorry it is so stressful but I bet it is fun too! I feel like we should get a bachelors degree instead of an Associates because of all the stuff we have to do before we ever get in the know?

    Anyway, take care, let me know how its going...and I hope you are right about this Fall!

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    I applied for the the Fall 2012 program also. I'll be waiting for my letter in April as well. I hope we all make it in.
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    Thanks nursetobe : ) I have that Speech/Communication class and Political Systems class left to take in the summer, and im currently taking History.

    Kiki, that is CRAZY you did not get in for Spring, they had a good reason for denying me.....I would feel so confused if I were you! Hopefully, the second time will work out a lot better for us, I know they accept about twice as money people in the fall : )
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    Hi Kiki, seriously, in your place I probably would've been all over them at that point, because I think they overlooked you or something to that extend. But I know your luck will turn around for the Fall of 2012 because your scores are awesome.

    In regards to me, I am pretty worried. I have a 3.8 GPA and 66 on the tease with (64 point something on Reading and 77 on Math). I have applied to North GA also, but they said they have not received my trascripts,(which I think they are full of it, because I did send it to them way before the deadline) so they put a lock on my account, which I was not aware of, and I also applied to KSU for the bachelors degree but I don't think I have a chance with my scores being that they only have 40 spots available for the RN porgram. So basically I have all my eggs in one basket (GPC) which makes me worried. Howerver, my destiny at this poit is in God's hands. I want to be a RN so bad...I feel like this is what I was meant to be and to do.
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    Welcome TygasPoohbear, do you mind sharing your GPA and Teas scores? How far are you with your prereqs? Good luck to you as well!

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