Gordon College Fall 2012 hopefuls - page 8

I dropped off my nursing application as soon as the application process started and I cant wait to find out if I have been accepted. Who else out there has applied and what is your stats?... Read More

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    That's all we can do is stay positive, but also be prepared for if we don't get in. I'm thinking I should of applied for others schools as well now. I'm anxious now, can't imagine how I will be in April.
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    I agree. The wait is alrdy drivin me crazy. Wen i seen my critical thnkn results it said my group size was 100. I knw there is 2 groups so im guessn 200 applicants n all.
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    Oh, well...I thought it was more applicants than that! Taking the top 50 out of each group then, ya think? Hmmmm Here's to our little group getting in! HIP HIP, HOORAYYY!!!!
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    MedicalMinded- My GPA is a 3.1.
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    I'm with all off you we all just have to stay positive..... Suck we have to wait so long though but I'm sure time will fly by
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    Oh ok@ sc1992.
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    Critical Thinking test scores are up for the second group!! I got a 77.5! Phew....I thought my score was gonna be worse than that! :icon_roll
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    Congrats Cassandra!

    I wonder what the average for the critical thinkin test is? Since this is my first time taking it idk what a good or bad score is. I hate that the transcript for the test doesnt really give you much info like the teas.
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    I agree!!! I was scrolling down to see a complete write up of my strengths and weaknesses....but it has nothing like that... just a general summary for that particular heading. I'm thinking about calling and asking to see what is considered to be a competitive score...hmm..
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    I called... didn't really get an answer.... oh well, here's to all of us waiting....hopefully for an acceptance letter. Fingers crossed!!
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    yes.now the official wait begins.Cassandra have applied to other colleges?
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    No, I didn't apply to any other schools. I stay in Barnesville, my daughter goes to school here, and my husband is from here. I would have to change my whole routine and up root my family to go to any other school. Plus, they have one of the best nursing programs in Georgia. If I don't get in this semester, I already have plans for some classes that I can take, just in case... but I'm really hoping I don't need that plan.
    Trying to stay positive, but at the same time, not get my hopes up too high!
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    What did you make on the critical thinking test Pinoysailor??

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