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Im having a terrible time waiting for my letter of decision from GC. I pretty much stalk the mail man..and it is not even eight weeks :uhoh3:..I am looking for friends along this waiting process..has anyone heard anything about... Read More

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    Im pretty sure its under registration all the way at the bottom beliw your advisor information
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    Haha, mine says psychology. Wonder what that means
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    Idk? Email your advisor she/he will let you know pretty quick
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    Finished my assoc. in phycology last semester and never changed it. Just took the classes I needed. Hope that don't hurt anything.
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    Naw it shouldnt...i just have to take an extra psych class an ill have mine too.
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    Maybe if they changed it to nursing...it means you're in? =)
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    maybe.. does yours says the same???
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    No...still says Pre-nursing But I'm staying optimistic!
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    we will all get in.. no worries.
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    I just got a letter from Gordon. I ran in the house super excited. I caught my breath and slowly opened the envelope. Honors program membership details WTH why are they taunting me?