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Im having a terrible time waiting for my letter of decision from GC. I pretty much stalk the mail man..and it is not even eight weeks :uhoh3:..I am looking for friends along this waiting process..has... Read More

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    I just got a letter from Gordon. I ran in the house super excited. I caught my breath and slowly opened the envelope. Honors program membership details WTH why are they taunting me?
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    Lol. U almost got me excited.....just go.ahead an call for us an see if u can pry anything out of their secretive butts. Im glad its finally october though.
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    Has anyone heard if denial letters have already been sent out.
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    My friend heard of 2 ppl that got denial letters bout 3 weeks ago
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    So sorry to hear that but I guess it still gives us a little hope since we havent heard anything as of yet. Good luck to you!
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    Anybody find out anything?? Its getting closer!!!
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    I figure with fall break being next week that will give them a little free time to rush those letters out....right? lol
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    I want to call so bad. I cant believe its taking so long..... I'm loosing my mind!
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    PLEASEEEE!!!!!!!!! Call them I would an I want to know but I am terribly shy...for all of us?.....do it doit lol
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    Calendar says that faculty will not report on 10th & 11th either so I guess we will be waiting even longer!
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    My friend talked to her nursing advisor and said that letters are going out next week. Hope that calms some people.
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    I will be a transfer student hoping to get in (I know, not many transfers do.) Can anyone tell me how everything is weighed? I go to WGTC and they judge you 40% grades 60% NLN, and the grades aren't even the overall GPA its just for the pre-req's. I just need a little more info, like what is the avg GPA to get in. Any information is helpful info please! I applied for Spring so I have my fingers crossed.
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    So next week for sure then?....well good....and all I know about Gordon is that they go by a points system for your gpa..credits.if you are or aren't a transfer student ect.. I wish u and everyone goodluck...we are all anxious

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