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Im having a terrible time waiting for my letter of decision from GC. I pretty much stalk the mail man..and it is not even eight weeks :uhoh3:..I am looking for friends along this waiting process..has... Read More

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    Yea i go for lab on wednesdays an there are alwags a bunch of nursing students down stairs coming out of class. Maybe they have clinical on thursdays idk. But there is always someone up in the office on the 3rd.floor...try there an let me know what they say...im too chicken

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    I gotta plan! I will call and say I received an acceptance letter and just wanted to confirm the validity of the document. That ought to get some info pouring out. If that don't work I can pay the skinny jeans dudes to go up to the third floor. I would go myself, but like you I am too chicken.
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    Lol..its pretty bad that we are thinking about this so hard but i just wanna know
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    I know! I have very little patients for this kind of thing. Its like waiting for Christmas but having no idea when it will actually be here. Oh well maybe tomorrow
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    yea...if i get in i know nursing stuff is all that will be on my wishlist. What color scrubs do the students wear to clinicals i hope that they aren't all white...
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    I havent given that one much thought. Any color other than pink will be ok. Surly they will show a little mercy. Have you already made nursing your major? My advisor told me not to until I was accepted but everyone In my A&P class has nursing as their major. It seems like it may be a good idea to switch because my advisor knows nothing of the program.
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    i havent changed it but it says ASN-nursing at the bottom of my registration info on banner web....idk? What does yours say now? Mine said prenursing a few months ago but now it says that.
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    I still have not recieved my letter, but I read somewhere on this site that a someone applied to the last July 30th date and got her letter on October 13th. hope that helps someone.
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    Thanks for the info. I hope it comes sooner. I might not have any hair left by then.
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    Megan, what tab did you find that under? You got me scouring the banner web.:uhoh21:

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