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Is anybody at GSU a pre-nursing major? Trying to get a group together so we can help and support each other throughout this horribly stressful process! I'm a junior at GSU, I am applying for... Read More

  1. by   yummypasta
    Bl nurse what were your scores
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  2. by   JB13
    I am just curious if anyone has any insight on what the probability is of someone from the waiting list be accepted. I thought the wait for the letter itself was bad but I am beginning to think this wait may be worse! Any info would be greatly appreciated. If you were accepted off the wait list, what number were you?

    BLnurse, how many times have you applied?
  3. by   socialworknurse
    Thank you, thank you jenbrewington!
  4. by   baesyung
    Hello guys, this is my first time writing a comment here!
    I've applied GSU's 2013 spring program, and haven't got any letters yet!
    It seems many of you already got your letter..
    Anyone still waiting your letters like me?
    Should I just wait til I get the letter? or contact the Nursing admission office?
    Hope to hear anything from you guys soon!
  5. by   JB13
    I know someone who just received her letter yesterday. It may have something to do with where you live but I say it should come in the next few days! Best of luck to you!
  6. by   mimsks
    hi everyone!
    does anyone know what tuition is like for the ACE program? Do we pay the normal GSU tuition for 18 credits? Wasn't sure if we pay for the clinicals beginning the first semester.
  7. by   MissE112
    HI Breezy, how is the program going? I really would love to hear from GSU NURSING students about their experiences. Is it smaller? Same massively huge courses? Are the teachers actually attentive?
  8. by   JB13
    Well, I spoke with Angela in regard to the wait list and she informed me that she doesn't anticipate pulling any others from the wait list this semester She said she pulled three from the ace and three from the traditional but she doesn't think she will get to me. I wish all of you the best in the program. Maybe I will have better luck next time!
  9. by   socialworknurse
    So sorry to hear that jenbrewington. What are your plans? You were so very close to getting in!
  10. by   breezy7
    Sorry MissE, I just saw this! I've been enjoying the break from school immensely and this is my first time back on the forum

    I'm absolutely in love with the program. The class sizes thus far are perfect - not small by any means, but small enough so that I feel comfortable talking iwth the professors if needed and am able to get all my questions answered. I start clinicals next semester, so I don't have any input on that yet. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have!
  11. by   hcs4291
    Do any of you new accepted students know the date for orientation? I had it written down but now I can't find it and I can't access the PINS anymore because ULearn is gone. Help!
  12. by   gentlerain
    This is probably a dumb question but if the admissions decline an application, can you try again next year?
  13. by   meeep
    Yes, you can.

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