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Is anyone applying to GSW? What is your GPA and TEAS scores? Have you been accepted or are you a current student? How are the instructors?... Read More

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    Hello @tiahlee29! I was just accepted and will also be taking my pre-reqs during Fall of 3013. What semester are you applying to for SON?
    @nf0772 thanks for the insight!
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    Congratulations on your acceptance! I hope I receive the same great news next Fall!
    My fiance just got a job in the Americus/Albany area, and I am so pleased to learn that there will be an accelerated BSN program near by! I am currently a rising senior majoring in psychology at UNC Chapel Hill and have had my sights set on attending nursing school post-graduation. Could any of you lucky, newly accepted GSW nursing students offer some stats and/or experience you feel helped you in the admissions process?
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    @oliverohmer Thank you! I am transferring to GSW from a Georgia Military college in Augusta.I will be starting the nursing program in Fall. My TEAS score was low to me but I am not sure what score they favor. I would say to make sure to keep in contact with student services coordinator for any questions that you may have for the program. Everyone you may come in contact with during this process will make sure that you have everything you need. And to send application packet to SON as soon as you can.
    My TEAS score: Adjusted Individual Total Score: 62.0%ATI Academic
    Preparedness Level:
    Mean - National: 64.3%
    Mean - Program: 70.6%
    Percentile Rank - National: 43
    Percentile Rank - Program: 24
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    Hello!! I am looking to apply for next fall. Will the people accepted let me know what their stats are?
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    Hi I just got into GSW's Accelerated BSN program for Fall 2014 so now I have to look for an apartment since I will be relocating to the area (and really don't want to live on campus but might have to) and I was wondering if someone could give me some insight on nice places to live in Americus or maybe Albany. I have friends from Albany who are encouraging me to move to Albany instead of Americus because they dont think I would like the small town...but I really would like to hear from someone who has attended GSW.
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    Has anyone currently completed GSW SON program? Are there any changes from those mentioned above?
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    Hello! I am currently a senior in the gsw nursing program! I'm from Atlanta so moving to americus was quite a culture shock! However, I did end up getting use to it this past year and have found it very nice because you really have nothing to distract you from your studies. I wouldn't reccommend you living in albany even though you can may have some of your clinicals there. You will be spending a majority of time on campus. Especially your first semester with the skills lab. Having to commute every day to go spend a long day at the skills lab can get annoying. It is a very small town but honestly its quite relaxing and a great place to go to nursing school because you have NOTHING to distract. There is only 1 bar and many restaurants. A lot of people live in turton properties but those are overrated and expensive. Rented houses is much cheaper and a better deal for your buck!
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    I am in the nursing program right now and was accepted in fall 2013. Most of the gpas ranged from 3.0- 4.0. Teas scores range from low 70's-90's. The instructors are great! They are all from the general Americus area and most are alumni from Gsw.
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    please is the nursing program doable, I heard you need to get a 75 or higher in other to pass. is the final grade (75) cumulative? Any help?
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    Hi! I will be attending GSW SON in the fall and wanted to know if you stayed on campus or not and if you did a meal plan?
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    I would like to know if anyone attends Georgia Southwestern University Master of Nursing Education? I would love to get student feedback on this program. Thanks.
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    Hey I'm looking at the LPN to BSN track. I'm older so I'm looking to rent. Any suggestions