Georgia Regents University CNL program Fall 2013

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    Anyone preparing for an interview for the Clinical Nurse Leadership program at Georgia Regents University either at Augusta or Athens?

    I have been preparing with different questions I could possible be asked and I have driven to the Athens Campus where I will be getting my interview.

    I'm still a nervous wreck. Any pointers or advice?
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    How did it go? Sorry I didn't see this earlier.
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    It was alright. I expected it to be really formal, but it was pretty casual. I'm just waiting for a big envelope now. =/
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    Please keep me posted!
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    Moved to the Georgia State Nursing Programs forum.
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    Are there no one else applying for this program?
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    There are many. Another thread 2013 ghsu cnl program is what I believe It's called. Was started before gru became the name. Check us out!!
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    2013 ghsu cnl applicants is the thread name. Hope to see you over there!
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    2013 GHSU CNL applicants is what it's called. Hope to see you there!