Georgia Military College

  1. I live in Columbus Ga, I was wounder if there anyone who was in Georgia military college pre-nursing program. I was wonder what to expect and wonder what the program was like
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  3. by   Success88
    I took all of my classes at GMC. I love it! The classes are fun and easier. Most teachers only give 4 to 5 tests the whole quarter! I love their quarter system because its only 8 weeks. Tech schools are 10 weeks! I got done with all of my classes last month. I'm just waiting for the graduation cermony and to hear back from Augusta State Nursing Program. I was placed on the alternates list. Any more questions just ask. I would love to help
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    Moved to GA Nursing Programs.
  5. by   JWC1825
    Which classes did you take? I need a&p 2, microbiology and chemistry. How do the labs work?

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