GA Highlands Nursing Spring 2014 Applicants

  1. 0 Just wondering if anyone on here has applied for GA Highlands Spring 2014 Nursing Program and if so what was your worksheet score!? I have applied and am eagerly counting down the days until we receive our letters!
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    I applied for spring! My worksheet score is 1011.83. The advisor said last spring the worksheet scores were between 1577 - 990. So hopefully it's in that range again!
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    My score is a 1014 so ours are very close! Let's pray the scores accepted don't increase!
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    I applied for Spring too! My worksheet score was a 983, so I hope that I can get in during the Spring. If not, I will try again in the Fall. I will have all of my classes finished then, so my score will be much higher when I apply for the Fall program. What were your TEAS scores? I had a 75 in Science and an 86 in Math. Good luck to both of you! Please re-post an update when you both receive your acceptance letters
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    For my TEAS, I had a heartbreaking 79.2 in the Science Section and a 90 something in the Math Section. (I really hated the TEAS!) I applied last Fall but was not accepted as I was still waiting to complete courses as well, so I am praying I will be accepted this Spring! I wish you the best of luck
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    Hi everyone! I also applied for spring. My worksheet score was 1078. I did not get in last fall but retook the TEAS test and raised my score a bit. I am curious if anyone knows the cut off score for last spring? I know for fall it was 1050. Praying you all get in also!
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    I believe the scores accepted for last Spring were 1577 - 990. I am praying that those scores do not increase too much!
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    I've applied also! My score is a 1,016. If I don't get in for spring I'll apply again for fall once I've gotten an 'a' on my retake of anp 1.
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    I applied too! My score was a 1037 with a 91% in science and 94% on my math so hopefully I will get in. I applied for fall, but obviously that didn't work out.
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    I applied in the fall as well! Hopefully this will be our second chance has anyone heard when they will be sending out decision letters?
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    I believe that letters are sent out around the first week of November, which is a week after my birthday!
    Getting accepted would be the best birthday present everrrrr!
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    I applied for spring and my points totaled 1,131. My gpa is a 3.67, but I applied for fall and didn't get in but I was still enrolled in micro at the time so I think that is what prevented me from getting in. Good luck to everyone!
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    Has anyone emailed someone in the nursing department to find out when they're mailing letters?

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