For 2012 Spring new grads: Piedmont

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    I just applied to piedmont for their fall rn residency program in critical care.
    I have an interview next week and am getting nervous and excited at the same time.
    Has anyone applied for this position?

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    I'm in the process of applying at the moment. They were pretty quick in calling you for an interview! Do you live in the GA area?
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    I applied months ago and they never got back to me. I'm starting to feel like its going to be impossible for me to get a job because I was never a tech or CNA
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    NurseSashy34, are you graduating this May? I just put in my application yesterday. What area are you from?
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    I graduated in Dec and passed boards on Tues. I haven't had any call backs at all!
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    I live in NC. Just had an interview. I love them !!! it was the best experience I ever had!!! have you applied?? are you graduating this May as well???
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    Yes i graduate May 13th! How long did it take to from the time you applied to the time they called you for an interview? was it in person since you're from out of town?

    I'm from chicago, that's why I ask. what areas were you looking to go into? and when do u think you will hear something?

    LOL, sorry for all the questions. i've been applying for numerous residencies so I like to know as much as I possibly can!

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    Hi. sj73201 I applied for critical care RN residency program. They said that I will be hearing from them around May since they are already busy orienting 2011 fall graduates. Those ppl who graduated in December will start thier residency in March. If I got the job, I will be starting in August. They were the nicest people in the world. I loved the fact that how their environment was not corporate like. They were so friendly and kind. And yes the interview was in person. I drove there. It was worth every bit of it. Which area did you apply???
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    I applied for med-surg. I feel like i applied too late maybe. i know the position has been up for a while, but i was too busy with school & work! so i hope I can hear something soon. was that a long drive for you? it'll be like a 14-hr drive for me & i doubt i'll drive LOL. was it more of a behavioral interview? I had a phone interview for a hosp in tx the other day & they didn't really ask behavioral questions. how long was the interview?

    where else will you apply?
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    I don't think you are late. I think when I went in, there were a lot of ppl who were still applying for the march rn residency program. I am looking into other rn residency programs in GA and had been applying as well. The interview lasted about 45minutes. Have you checked status of the application online??

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