Employment Verification for Licensure b Endorsement

  1. Good morning! I'm planning to relocate to Georgia this summer and I am in the process of applying for my GA license and I have a question about the employment verification portion of the application. Do you have to provide a notarized statement from each employer? My current employer will only verify employment online through a website called theworknumber.com, they will not provide a notarized statement to verify my employment and hours worked. Is there anyway to get around this? Has anyone else had this problem? I've been trying to reach someone in the office(GA state board), but haven't had any luck. Thank you in advance for your help.
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  3. by   jcnurse2012
    i just got my license by endorsement on the 28th of this month i applied on the 9th. as for you question, YES you need a notorized statement from the employers you CURRENTLY work for. my hospital did not have a notary so they filled out the information i need on paper with the hospital logo on it and sealed it for me . i think you need to call and ask the GA BON. the best time to call them would be during the day and everytime i called i got through but had to wait for 10-15minutes to talk to someone but they were very helpful because once i submitted my application i didnot get any calls or emails about any missing information because i made sure to call them and verify EVERYTHING . you should try going to the human resources office where you work and asking them for help, i do not see why they cannot provide you and written statement.i hope this helps. if you have futher questions inbox me and if i can help i will.
  4. by   onegoodnerve
    Thank you so much for your reply. I actually have been talking to my HR dept at work and they have been giving me the runaround. I've given them the form twice and it just seems to keep magically disappearing. This is going into the third week and I'm starting to get frustrated. I'm gonna give them another day or so and talk to them again. Wish me luck! Thanks again for your help!
  5. by   LiberatedRN
    OMG, you read my mind with this posting! I am moving back to GA in the next several months and I don't know how I'm going to get around that employment verification form. My circumstance is a little different because I was originally licensed by endorsement there in 2001 and the process wasn't this tedious. I did not renew my license in 2010 and now plan to move back there this year. I am not working right now and I am extremely frustrated. They require reinstatements to verify employment as an RN (500 hrs) within the past 4 years. Out of the four employers I've had since 2008 (two here in FL, two in GA) none of them will fill out the form. When I mailed my packet in, I wrote them a lengthy letter asking why I need to verify employment within 4 years, when I actually was working in GA as an RN in 2008 & 2009 before I left.

    I have called the GA BON and actually made contact with someone on two different occasions who basically said...the form must be filled out. I explained that all my employers use The Work Number for verification and I was told on the other end that "your application stays on file for a year". Of course, had I known I would consider moving back there, I wouldn't have let my license lapsed. It wasn't this difficult to get my license by endorsement 11 years ago! I also gave them my W2's for the past 4 years with my application, plus the employer codes for the Work Number.

    Have you had any luck with contacting anyone? Or were you able to get your HR to fill the form out for you?
  6. by   onegoodnerve
    I was finally able to get someone to fill out the form. I don't see why they just can't go online or call the Work Number to verify your employment. The GBON needs to realize this is 2012 and most everything is automated or online. Is there someone from one of your old jobs that you keep in touch with who could possibly fill it out for you? I hope everything works out..keep me posted.
  7. by   jcnurse2012
    everything was so complicated. at some point i wanted to give up but do not give up! it will all work out. if u havent been working then put N/A or u might want to call the GA BON and ask what you can do about that. there is no reason why u shouldnt be able to get ur license reendorsed. good luck to you ladies and believe me once your done and get ur license it will all be worth it!:}
  8. by   onegoodnerve
    Thank you for the encouragement! Any recommendations on good hospitals to work at?

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