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Emory Accelerated BSN/MSN summer 2012

  1. 0 Hello,
    Did anyone apply for the Accelerated BSN/MSN program at Emory that starts this summer? I think decision will be made in about 2 weeks.
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    Hey ayti!
    I applied to the accelerated BSN/MSN also. I am dying to know decisions. Have you applied to any other programs?
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    Tribe12, I can't wait to know as well. I got accepted at kennesaw state, am currently in my first semester there. But if I get accepted and get a good financial aid package, I will go to emory because I will get my msn which is a plus! How about you?
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    Emory is my dream school! I also applied to Virginia Commonwealth, Columbia, and Boston College; however, I really just want to get into nursing so I will pretty much go wherever I get accepted. I am currently I college senior who realized a little too late in the game that I should have gone to a larger school with a nursing program, ohwell...
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    Wow. It appears you like the top schools! My main issue with top schools is the cost and I don't want to incur too much debt because salary is still same regardless of which nursing school you go to! I thought you have to have a degree to apply to accelerated program at Emory? Are you in atlanta?
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    Haha, I do gravitate toward highly ranked schools (probably my downfall). I understand the debt issue, but for the most part I feel that it will all be expensive, and an education is usually a good investment. I am in Virginia right now, so I would be new to the area for all of my prospective schools. All of the programs I applied to require a degree to start the program, but not to apply. Since they all start in the summer or fall, I will have graduated and fit the requirements.
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    Ok got ya. I mean top rank schools are great but for me I have to get a major return in my investment. Unfortunately, in nursing profession, if you go to a top ranked sch or state sch, you get same job and salary. So to me there is no incentive, except I get a generous financial aid, I don't see the benefits. If you talk medical or law school, there is great benefits of going to top schools no doubt. My two cents lol.
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    @tribe12 woohoo I got my admission letter today! I got in. Excited. Waiting to hear from financial aid
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    congrats @ayti!!! To which program did you apply??