Darton Spring RN Fort benning track

  1. Is anyone applying here for this springs semester?
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  3. by   HenryH
    I'll be applying to the traditional track. How about you? If so, are you applying for the traditional track or for the healthcare professional track?
  4. by   lghtdymon
    I will be doing the traditional track too. Do you know how much they accept there. I read somewhere that Darton accepts 90-120 students but was for the fall term though. I am not sure for the spring term for Fort Benning. Do you live in Columbus?
  5. by   HenryH
    I do live in Columbus; how about you? In regards to how many students they accept for the Fort Benning program, I was told that in previous years, they accepted everyone who applied who met the requirements (so there must not be very many applicants in a typical application cycle). Do you know of anyone else applying to the program? I'm just trying to gauge how competitive it's going to be for this cycle.
  6. by   lghtdymon
    Yea I live in Columbus as well. From looking at the packet that was sent, there were alot of people who recieved it. Ill say about 100. But then you have to think... On the packet it says priority is given to those who have completed A&P I & II, Medical Terminology, and Eng Com. NOt everyone is going to have all those completed. I was talking with Mrs. Heard about being accepted and she told me not alot of people have been accepted yet. It took a month for Darton to approve my transfered credits. So now we have people that will not be accepted by the deadline. And then you'll have a handful who will get accepted somewhere else and decide not to attend Darton. Then of course the Teas. I took it and got a 73. The national mean is 64. I will be taking it again to see if I can get a higher grade. So overall, I think we will be good. I do not know anyone who is applying. I was told that everyone gets accepted who meets the requirements as well. Do you have all your classes?
  7. by   lghtdymon
    Ok. I counted and there are approximately 80 people who recieved the packet. I read that Darton accepts 90-120 students for the nursing program, but thats for the Albany track though. So maybe and hopefully its the same for Fort Benning Track. The average for all tech schools is about 60.
  8. by   HenryH
    Unfortunately, I have not taken all my pre-requisite classes; I am currently taking A&P II, Medical Terminology, and Psychology, so I realize that not having those courses already completed will put me at a disadvantage. I still have to take the TEAS, so I will study hard for that so I can try to make up for it with a high TEAS grade. If you don't mind me asking, what job do you hold at Fort Benning?
  9. by   lghtdymon
    Im not working. My husband is in the military. I got out about a year ago to take care of our daughter. I was in the military for 3 years and then I was a USMA(west point) for 2 years and had to go home for a year for medical reason. DUring that year, I got pregnant and since they are putting people out, they took me out without even doing any tests on me. So I am doing school fulltime and finishing so when my husband gets out, he can go to school and I can work. What do you do?
  10. by   lghtdymon
    But when I was in the Army, I was supply. Oh sometimes I wish I could just go back in and do what I wanted to do. I really wanted to do aviation, hence to why i went to west point instead of OCS because West point is gaurenteed of the MOS you want. But hey... I am happy now. Ill do nursing cuase I love to help other out
  11. by   HenryH
    It sounds like you've come a long way to get here; I wish you the best of luck with your schooling and nursing career. I suppose you could always work as a nurse in the military and then maybe make your way back to aviation. I actually don't work at Fort Benning at the moment or have any military background -- I have applied for a teaching position and am waiting to hear back (hopefully by next week). Hopefully I'll hear good news!
  12. by   lghtdymon
    why are you deciding nursing? Thank you for the encouragement. I really hope you get in and I know you will get in. It seems like they are really trying to help everyone get into the program. Esp reading that last email about registering for those classes that are a priority.
  13. by   HenryH
    I hope you get in as well. I think I want to be some form of advanced practice nurse (maybe an NP or a CRNA), and I am intrigued by all the different career pathways offered by the nursing profession and the fact that they all lead to a career that gives you the ability to impact others' lives for the better, even though all the different nursing specialties are so different. I talked with someone at the nursing office again the other day, and she again stated that everyone who meets the requirements is accepted, so hopefully we won't have much to worry about in regards to getting in.
  14. by   lghtdymon
    yyyyaayyyyyy! I wanna say the reason to why everyone is accepted because its a hybrid program. No classes need to be attended, I think.