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Is anyone applying here for this springs semester?... Read More

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    why are you deciding nursing? Thank you for the encouragement. I really hope you get in and I know you will get in. It seems like they are really trying to help everyone get into the program. Esp reading that last email about registering for those classes that are a priority.

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    I hope you get in as well. I think I want to be some form of advanced practice nurse (maybe an NP or a CRNA), and I am intrigued by all the different career pathways offered by the nursing profession and the fact that they all lead to a career that gives you the ability to impact others' lives for the better, even though all the different nursing specialties are so different. I talked with someone at the nursing office again the other day, and she again stated that everyone who meets the requirements is accepted, so hopefully we won't have much to worry about in regards to getting in.
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    yyyyaayyyyyy! I wanna say the reason to why everyone is accepted because its a hybrid program. No classes need to be attended, I think.
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    Hello lghtdymon! Exactly what packet are you talking about? I'm lost. I printed my application online. Did they send you one in the mail or something?
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    I am talking about the printed application online to that lindsey had sent everyone. Are you apply for the RN fort Benning track?
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    hey did you get your packet yet?
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    Are you talking about an acceptance packet? I haven't received anything yet...
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    yea I am talking about the acceptance packet. I havent got it yet. Ill tune you in later today if I got it
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    i got put on the waiting list
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    Hey let me know if you got accepted!

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