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Anyone waiting for fall acceptance letters? I just took my hesi today. My overall was a 91 with a 76 in a&p and a 92 in the math section. Good luck to everyone!... Read More

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    Quote from medic9872
    It says program asn in nursing and major pre-nursing

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    WAs your envelope white or gold, big or little?

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    Congrats to all of you who got in! Hope we get our Sandersville letters soon! I can't sleep!
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    Quote from loveforkasia216
    WAs your envelope white or gold, big or little?
    I haven't gotten a letter yet. Maybe I can tell ya tomorrow. Lol *fingers crossed*

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    Congrats! Still waiting for the Sandersville letters...Uggh!
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    Hey ladies, I had to run errands after work...here is the scoop. White envelope...kinda thick. 4pgs acceptance, and other info re: class, and orientation info...hth and good luck to all those still waiting. Goodnight ladies.
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    I just got my acceptance letter! Yayy!
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    Yayyyy! Congrats
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    I did not get in Sandersville bridge because of my a&p score. It was 68 and the lowest they took was 72. Good luck to all!!my overall score was 88..
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    Just got the letter! I got in to sandersville!

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    Hey Everybody, I got my acceptance letter to the Sandersville bridge program !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so excited!!!!

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