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Hello everyone. I just applied for admissions for the summer 2011 program a couple weeks ago. Has anyone esle applied as well? If so what is your GPA and HESI score if you don't mind me asking. My... Read More

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    I'm in my first semester of the program and yes, the main thing they really look at is the A&P score BUT its just your score rank amongst the other classmates. So if the highest person scored 80, they get in. Its not based off of 100%. Its based on your class you took it with. My class average with 78 in A&P and mine was 84 so I was pretty much guaranteed the spot. And the HESI book doesn't really help much but they do give you example on how the questions will be asked. I studied straight from my A&P book that I got for the classes. I never even took A&P 2 before taking the HESI and I still scored 84. Most of the stuff was from A&PII also. Study your hormones, especially! There were a lot of those on my test! Everything else was super easy!

    And 80% on A&P and didn't get in? WOW your class must of scored super high on that. We have people scored 72 and made it in this semester!

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    Yeah, I later found out that for most of the class that was taking it with me, it was their 2nd or 3rd time taking it, so they knew what to expect.

    But it's okay. I got into ABAC and I will hopefully be done in three more class days.
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    wow great! and yea we have a lot of repeaters in the class too and they're the ones making the highest grades in the class!
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    Kirstie, I was just wondering... I know for the 1st semester we have to take pharm. (which sucks because I have already taken that at another school..it was required to even apply to their program & Darton won't accept it!) and Nursing Fundamentals w/a lab, but are the clinicals in addition to these classes & the lab? or is the lab the clinical? I'm just trying to figure out how often I will need to drive for the first semester...
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    The clinicals are NOT going to be a part of the lab. You will have 2 clinical days out of the fundamentals semester since its just a starting out course. The clinicals are about 9 hours. BUT you have to clock in 21 lab hours on your own time of the stuff you learn in your "lab class." You can only do an hour a day and the lab is open from 3-10pm at night on weekdays only.
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    2 clinical days out of the whole semester? Thank u for all of your help!!
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    no problem! And yes! Two 9 hour days at an assisted living place. Apparently everyone was too overwhelmed at Phoebe Hospital. So they started making the first semester students go to assisted living-which, in my opinion, is overwhelming! I'd rather be at the hospital and be able to see many different things!
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    Hi Memern2b I was hoping to hear if you gotten your application in for Summer 2012 at Darton in Swainsboro. I have applied now I'm waiting on to take the Hesi. I'm actually taking the test with Middle Georgia a week before I take it with Darton. So I hope this helps with me taking it Twice the only difference is that I won't take the Anatomy portion at middle ga so I have to take it with darton. I have been studying lots of hours everyday. I'm little concerned about the a&p portion I have heard some say they just studied the book and some say they got a&p from other sources. So My mind is back and fourth. Anyway I know your post is from last year but I hope to hear from you and your experience. I can't find many appling for Swainsboro campus.
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    I did apply for the Swainsboro Track Summer 2012. I am schedule to take the Hesi the end of this month. I hear that the Hesi is not bad. I have been praying and have have faith that I will pass.
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    Im trying to decide if abac or Darton is the best choice. Also how many students do they accept each semester and which semester would i have a better chance entering?

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