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Hello everyone. I just applied for admissions for the summer 2011 program a couple weeks ago. Has anyone esle applied as well? If so what is your GPA and HESI score if you don't mind me asking. My gpa is a 3.0, or higher because... Read More

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    What was your score if u don't kind me asking?

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    I made a 79 on the HESI. I have a 3.2 GPA and this semester will be finished with my core classes. I'm not sure what the class average was for the test.
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    A friend of mine scored an 83 and didn't get accepted either.
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    Are both of u finish with all core classes bc I know they take EVERYTHING into account not just gpa and test scores
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    Yea we are both finished :/
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    Don't give up if you read back in the thread I have 89 hesi score and 3.0 or 3.2 gpa and like We have all said it depends on who else applied.. So keep trying.. I can't name anyone that got into nursing school on the first try( not saying noone doesn't) but its very competitive.
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    Thanks! I'm keeping on with it. Going to try for Summer semester. I called and she said I missed getting in by .3 points on my test score?!? Seriously...
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    I was wondering what are the health forms needed for the nursing program at Darton?
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    I got into the nursing program on my first try. I had a 3.2 GPA and only 4 core classes at the time of application. I really thought they wouldn't accept me because of that. I scored 88 in HESI with 84 on Anatomy section.
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    Hello Smart99guy,

    I tend to agree with the other posts. Last year I was debating on which school to go to ABAC or DARTON. My GPA at the time was 3.9 so I thought that I would not have any issues with either schools. So Darton contacted me first and I went to take their entrance HESI exam. I had no idea what I was getting into so I bought the HESI entrance book, thinking that it would help me study for the test.

    Well the book is mostly math problems and worthless. It has about 20, yes 20 questions on A&P. So I thought okay this will be a breeze. I'm great with math and there didn't seem to be too much on A&P. Well let me tell you. . .STUDY YOUR A&P! And not from the HESI book.

    Study it from the books you bought for your A&P classes. Here is what happened to me. I took the test, got about 90% on all the subjects except A&P, where I got 80%. I was not accepted into DARTON.

    When I asked why, I was told that this is how they grade people to get in. First The highest grades in the A&P subtest of the HESI are accepted. Then from that group, the highest overall test grades (English, Math, Vocabulary etc) are accepted. Then from that group the ones with the highest GPA's get picked. So me with a 3.9 GPA was not even looked at or considered because my A&P subtest grade was only an 80%. So unless you score great on A&P they will not even look at your other grades or scores. SO STUDY HARD FOR THE A&P.

    Another option for you may be ABAC, they do not require an entrance HESI, but they do require and Exit HESI.

    Good LUCK!

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