Darton College Summer 2011 - page 28

Hello everyone. I just applied for admissions for the summer 2011 program a couple weeks ago. Has anyone esle applied as well? If so what is your GPA and HESI score if you don't mind me asking. My... Read More

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    Im trying to decide if abac or Darton is the best choice. Also how many students do they accept each semester and which semester would i have a better chance entering?
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    SO...YOU HAVE people taking fundamentals 2 or 3rd time? that is TOO much..i dont know.. i was accepted to darton now i am second guessing..i mean i want to go to a good school. but i dont want to go to a school in which they make it nearly impossible to pass and waste money in the process..So how many people ARE actually passing fundamentals and NOT repeating so many classes?

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