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Hello everyone. I just applied for admissions for the summer 2011 program a couple weeks ago. Has anyone esle applied as well? If so what is your GPA and HESI score if you don't mind me asking. My gpa is a 3.0, or higher because... Read More

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    wow! Ya'll are honestly so much help on here! It's hard to find good information out these days..sooo glad I joined this site!

    @ Keepmovinglpn, How do you find out the a&p section class average? I scored an 88 in the a&p section on the HESI, but I can't see the class average of each section...just the overall class average.

    @Kirsiterobinson, THANK YOU for taking the time to answer my questions! I have so many! Lol! They said our letter should be here by Nov. 12th...but waiting is killing me! Did you get yours early by any chance? I'm probably going to end up moving down to Albany (if I get accepted)...I didn't realize that we had lab hours to meet for the 1st semester :/

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    yea I think my A&P section was an 85 and my class was in the 60s...So there was a REALLY good chance of getting in on that one. My lowest was vocabulary LOL and I got an 80 on that part! Everything else was extremely easy.
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    Its no problem at all! I am more than happy to answer any questions. It should tell you when you log back into that elsevier site. You just have to search around on the test score part. I forgot how I did it since I haven't really touched that section since the summertime. But yea they told us July 11. I think I got mine June 15. So pretty early! But don't worry if you haven't gotten one yet because they send denial letters too. So just because you didn't get one, doesn't mean you didn't get in! But it does look like you have a great chance of getting in! And yup they don't tell you all that...not even during orientation lol. We were told the second week of school. And I was like...ummm where does it say this in our orientation paperwork? LOL yea we were all confused but it does take a lot of hours. And I guarantee you will need to go over that 21 hours just to get it right.
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    My lowest was vocabulary also Lol I'm looking around on the evolve site and can't find it? I'll try some more though! I HOPE i get my letter SOON...I wait on the mail to come everyday! So are you liking the program so far? The part I'm worried about is passing the NCLEX at the end! I guess I should just be thinking about getting accepted at this point though! Haha
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    I also applied at ABAC in Tifton for spring 2012. They required pharm. to even apply, so I am in the process of that class right now...does Darton accept another schools pharm. class?
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    I like it, but its just really tough. I'm not gonna say like the work is hard. But the time you have to put into it to get a decent grade is tough. We have a lot of repeaters in our class and they're the ones making the best grade LOL. My average is an 80 right now and it sure feels like it should be an A as much as I study. It's just A LOT of critical thinking questions. As in...all the answers could be right but you must choose THE BEST one. So yea...and don't worry about the NCLEX, because the reason why it is so tough is because they are making sure you can pass it! But every semester at Darton you will take a HESI for what you learned that semester. They offer NCLEX review and HESI review sessions for free from time to time. I would encourage you plan on going to those too. Cause like the HESI this semester counts as a test grade and its everything we learned PLUS MORE. I was like whattt???? So now I'm gonna have to go back thru all I learned and read a little extra. My HESI for this is in 2 weeks and that is the only thing I'm nervous about. That and finals! I believe they do a review on the class and may accept it. I know they accept Nursing courses from another school but I'm not sure how that works. The pharm here is SUPER easy though! As long as you read what she tells you to, you can get an A all the time. Her tests are only 25 questions. The fundamentals one is the one you have to read all the extra stuff!
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    also...if you get under a 75 you get a D in the class. If it were 70 and up I wouldn't worry as much but for the Nursing courses its 75. So she was telling us that many people failed out last semester cause they got a 74 or 73. Or even 74.25!!!!
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    Sounds like I have a long road ahead of me, but ready to begin it! I'm probably going to want to keep in touch with you Kirstie lol!
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    Hey Hadd there isnt anyway for you to know or figure out the average A&P Hesi score for the group you tested with. The score sheet only will tell you the overall average for the group you tested with. I found out the a&p average from my group when I called AFTER I got the letter and the lady told me why I didnt get accepted.

    Also to, the letter comes alot ealier than that date they say. I bet you will have a letter by November 5th.

    I wish you all the best, I know how it is to have to wait. I know they dont make you wait as long as GPC will to find out.
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    I got my letter today and I wasn't accepted because of my HESI test scores.

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