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Hello everyone. I just applied for admissions for the summer 2011 program a couple weeks ago. Has anyone esle applied as well? If so what is your GPA and HESI score if you don't mind me asking. My gpa is a 3.0, or higher because... Read More

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    Yeah that's how it is in nursing school you have to be prepared... I went back to GHC so I wont have to move..

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    pewinsto, I am waiting on a letter from darton for the Spring 2012 traditional program and was wondering what your gpa and HESI score were? I'm so ready to know SOMETHING!
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    @prettymica yeah I hear you. I applied there or the Spring and didn't get in. :-( I found out yesterday.

    @HADD7 I'm not sure what my gap was (sad I know) but my hesi was an 82. What about you?
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    Hey guys! In case you were curious, I'm currently in the first semester of the Nursing Program. I really thought I wasn't going to get accepted because I never took APII or MICRO yet. (I'm taking APII now) My GPA was a 3.2 and HESI score was 88. They don't really base it on how high/low your GPA or HESI is. If 300 people apply, they just choose the top 110. Those top 110 don't necessarily have to have the greatest GPA...its just the best out of those 300 that applied if you get what I mean...When I took the HESI, my class average was only a 75. It is a VERY tough program. I mean you have to do tons of hours a week of studying just to pass the test they have every other week. Also, in Fundamentals, you have to clock in 21 practice lab hours before you can go to clinical checkoffs. Clinical check offs is when you draw a card to see what procedure you have to perform and you can't mess up! I had my clinical check offs yesterday and performed a foley catheter WITH the most tough professor there! I was almost in tears but I passed. If you don't pass Clinical Check offs, you can't go to clinical which means you FAIL the class no matter what your average is at the time. I thought you guys would find this bit of info helpful because I had no clue you had to be at school OUTSIDE of what time your classes are....it is very time consuming and a lot of people in my class have quit their jobs because its almost impossible to work at the same time! I honestly don't know how I'm doing it with 2 toddlers and an infant but I know I'm walking with God the entire way! It took me a while to get into the swing of things. I felt like I was thrown to the sharks because I had no advice from anyone. Just know that the lead professor can be very intimidating but she is a GREAT teacher. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask
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    Kirstie thanks for all the information! I love that you reference and thank God for seeing your thru bc he is definitely doing the same for me during this application process. I requested your friendship but would love to keep in contact even after my acceptance (bc HE will make a way for Spring 2012)!! Thanks again and keep praying!
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    Kristie, do you mean that take the first 110 that apply to the program? I'm kind of confused. I made an 88 on my hesi with an 88 on the a&p section with a 3.1 gpa..I THINK! I'm not sure how they calculate the core since I'm a transfer student :/. I'm so anxious to get my letter!
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    @HADD7...no lets say you are applying for the Spring and the total amount of applicants is 250. They take the top 110 people out of that 250. So it doesn't necessarily mean that you need to have an extremely high GPA. What I'm saying is, yes you should worry about HESI test scores and GPA because you're competing for a spot, but don't hesitate to apply just to bring your GPA up really high! I would apply anyway because in my class, the average HESI was 75. So we had a REALLY great chance of getting in. Like I didn't have to score a 95 just to get in lol. Cause my HESI was 88 so I was well above that average. I hope I'm not confusing you. I just don't want people to get the impression that you HAVE to have a 3.5 GPA with a 90 on the HESI lol. Yea you were basically around what I was cause I had 3.2. I was a transfer student too from Texas and they only count your credits that are applying toward the nursing degree. Also, I made an 88 on HESI too.

    Good luck guys! If you want, you can find me on facebook---Kirstie Robinson. Maybe next semester I can be giving you guys tips and such
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    Ok, I understand now! Lol My class average was 77 so hopefully I did well enough to "stand out." If you don't mind me asking, did you have any C's in your core that counted towards the program? Also, I live about an hr and a half away and was planning on driving just for the first semester...how many days a wk are you there? I'm just curious as to when we will have to be there 4 or 5 days a wk? If I do get accepted (fingers are crossed) i will definitely be needing some tips!
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    I had A's and B's in my core. And if you are taking the traditional tract (I am), then you have a Monday class from 9-12 and 1-2. So basically you are there from 9-2pm. I believe it is always on Mondays like that for fundamentals. Then your lab is 1 hour and 50 minutes on whatever day you choose (either Tues thru Thurs) when you register. We have people from Atlanta in our class that have class Mon. and go their lab Tues. and carpool. BUT the only problem would be your lab hours. You have to log in 21 hours and the labs are open from 3pm-9:30pm daily. And you can have a max of 1 hour per day. So...if you live far you have to plan in advance for those lab hours too. They always check the lab book to make sure you are going because if you don't have the 21 lab hours by check off week, you will not get to continue in the class! Pretty much in the second week of class, I was there four days a night for 1 hour each up until just last week! (except the days the school was closed) and I have about 27 hours. After check offs, you only have 2 weeks of clinicals (one per week) and no more labs or lab hours after that! I'm excited cause now I don't have anymore lab hours to clock in lol. I can actually eat a real dinner! What they don't tell you is for clinicals, it is a 9 hour day and its in Lee County or Sylvester. You don't get to choose which one. You choose the days you are available and they assign you to one. So to be honest, be prepared to be spending TONS on gas. You pretty much have to go to the school almost everyday to get those practice hours in. They teach you the hard things last (cleansing enema, foley catheter, nasogastric tube insertion) and those are the ones you need to practice the most! Therefore, you will probably go over 21 hours of practice. I live on the Marine Base here in Albany and its about a 20-30 minute drive to school and the commute time already stresses me out. I'm not trying to discourage you, I just want you to be prepared since everyone I talked to never told me all of that! So basically, from the first few weeks of school up until check offs, plan to come at least 4 days a week. I had to put aside the pell money I got back just to use all on gas LOL
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    Kristin is right. They look at the top numbers for that semester of students getting in. For example I applied to the LPN to RN bridge, my hesi was an 89 over all with a 78 in the A&P part of the test. I was waitlisted (aka not accepted) bc the average a&p score on the group I test with was 80. So the lady told me that they didnt accepted anything under an 80 on the a&p portion of the hesi. With that being said my gpa was 3.81 but I know they reallllllly focus on the a&p score of the hesi.

    I'm glad things worked out the way they did bc even if I had been accepted I would have declined bc of the distance and I wouldnt want to have a spot that someone else could get.
    I wish you all luck!

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