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Darton College Evening Track Spring 2013

  1. 0 Hello all! Here is my story. This January, I applied to Augusta State University and was put on the alternates list and was never called. I was so disappointed to the point I felt like giving up. So I decided to apply to Darton College nursing program instead. This is my fourth time applying. I have a GPA that is not high (3.0 GPA) but I haven't taken the TEAS test for Darton College yet. I have been studying the ATI book for almost two months and I am feeling confident about the TEAS test. My plan is to get a 90 or higher on this test. My question is, what have you guys heard about the evening track or about the program itself? I know my grades aren't perfect, so I chose to write a letter to the application committee. Although an essay was not required for the evening track, I chose to do one anyway. I needed to make myself stand out as much as possible. I attached a picture of me on the letter, borders , and 1 quote at the bottom on the page. I made it looked professional as possible.