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Hey everyone! This is my first post to the site so bare with me :) I'm applying to the LPN program at Columbus Tech that starts this June. I'm hoping to maybe find others out there that are applying... Read More

  1. by   NurseShante1
    No not yet still waiting on acceptance. Yesterday the nursing advisor sent out an email telling us to register for classes as a back up plan just in case of not being accepted this year. Because I did not register for summer classes because I was waiting on my letter, so I was confused.
  2. by   ReRob1985
    They never sent us anything like that. If they did I don't remember. Have they set a date yet to let you all know?
  3. by   NurseShante1
    Yeah I'm not sure about that email but I will prefer to wait until I know if I been accpeted. But yes after this semester which is May 1st. Also what is the program schedule like?
  4. by   ReRob1985
    Clinical for the first semester was near the end in July I think. Wednesday's & Thurdays and lectures on Monday's & Tuesdays.
  5. by   misseb
    I'm new to this website, and I see that you also applied for the LPN program. Have you been notified or anything?

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