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Hello everyone. I started this thread with the hopes of having a place for those who are planning to apply for Columbus Tech's ADN or LPN programs? Applications are due March 1st for ADN and February 1st for LPN. I wish you all... Read More

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    Has anyone heard anything? I applied too, I have a 99 and 98 compass scores, 97 nln and had a 4.0 last semester, I am currently taking AP II. The wait is killing me. Good luck to all who applied.

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    The Columbus Nursing just called me for an interview on this coming Thursday at 9 am.
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    I am so excited. Actually, she wanted me to interview tomorrow 3 pm, but I have class tomorrow. I think she is calling many people for interview this week because when I ask her can I go other days;she said on thursday morning or afternoon.
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    My friend just called me, and she also is having an interview on this Thursday at 11 am.
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    Congrats and good luck!! I am still waiting on a call...
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    Thanks JS85, they will call you soon. Don't worry!
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    pbni how did your interview go?? What kind of questions do they ask?
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    There were 3 interviewers, and 3 of us(applicants). It was a group interview. There were 5 questions. 1. Introduce yourself. 2. If you see your nursing friend is doing something wrong while she is doing her clinicals and might hurt patients what are you going to do 3. What is your week point? 4. What have you done in your life, and you think you fail it, and what did that thing teach you. They did not ask us exactly like this, but this is close to what they were asking us. I am sorry that I can not remember the last question. It was like talking than an interview
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    Good luck to all of you.
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    They said we will hear something after 15 th may but before the end of May.

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