Columbus GA Area Nurses?

  1. My husband is looking at a short (2-3 year) transfer to either the Columbus, GA area or the Columbia, SC area because of his work. I am a relatively new graduate nurse who works in the ER. Upon transferring I will have about 18mos experience (all in the ER).

    What I am attempting to do is get some feedback/information on nursing in that area. If anyone is a nurse in the Columbus area and could give me any information on the job market, what hospitals are in the area, etc as well as any other information on the local area (nursing related or not) I would greatly appreciate it as we would obviously like to make as informed of a decision as possible.
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  3. by   flyfarfaraway
    Pay at The medical center in Columbus for new graduates is 21 dollars an hour which is really very good. I think St. Francis is at almost 20 an hour. Both are good hospitals. The medical center's ER is a new 40,000 sq foot building that was just finished and it is the trauma center of the town. St. Francis' ER is more geared towards heart since they are a heart hospital. It's TINY. If you have any other questions let me know!
  4. by   suzzie_queue
    OUCH! 21.00/hr....ouch! Thats a sizable pay cut (without shift diff). I'm assuming its due to the regional cost of living or something along those lines (I hope).

    Do you know if the hospitals hire on a regular basis? I'm only familiar with my current area and as a new grad I had a job almost instantly upon passing my boards. However, I've heard of many who have not been so fortunate even with 1-2 years experience.

    As far as the local area, any info that you could pass along would be greatly appreciated. I only know what I have heard from military spouses about the area, which has been quite the mixture of positive and negative.
  5. by   flyfarfaraway
    They should hire regularly. The medical center just hired about 60 new graduates, so I'm sure they would hire someone with experience. I just moved away from there and took a pay cut to 18 dollars an hour, so 21 seems a lot better than what I'm going to be making. I wouldn't think you would have a problem getting a job though. I would email a nurse recruiter and see what they say. The new graduate program at the medical center starts July 30. When are you planning on moving?
  6. by   Joannn
    Hi, do you know what the night/weekend differentials are?
  7. by   flyfarfaraway
    Night differential is 3 dollars and weekend differential is 3 dollars at the medical center. Not sure about St. Francis.
  8. by   Joannn
    Thanks and good luck at your new job
  9. by   Joannn
    What is considered weekend(Fri/Sat)?
  10. by   flyfarfaraway
    I'm pretty sure it's just Saturday and Sunday.

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