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    Does anyone know of some great cna/pct programs in the north-Atlanta area? I would prefer PCT. Also, I hear that alot of programs really don't teach well and are just in buisness for the money. :wink2:

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    I hear if you get certified in EKG, Phlebotomy, and then CNA you may sit for the PCT boards. Those courses are offered at many schools. I know they are offered at Kennesaw. They may be offered at Appalachain Tech, I am not sure. They are probably offered at Chattahoochee Tech. Possibly at Lanier Tech. Maybe at Gainseville College. I would check all of those. Try googling technical schools in your area. GL!
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    thanks for the insight. I just came from Education & Career Resources Of Ga (Cna-Pct program),and the admin advised that I take the CNA course followed by the PCT course. She said it would be best because alot of hospitals require you being certified as a CNA before taking the position of PCT. Has anyone ever heard of Education & Career Resoures of Ga?
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    I am taking my cna class at Elite Medical Training Center in Marietta. The instructor is excellent, she is an RN and the fees are reasonable compared to the other schools in the area.
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    Blessed2009 thanks! How long is the program and do they have PCT training as well?
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    I looked them up and they have a grand opening in Norcross starting the 17 of August.Thanks Blessed2009
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    The program takes 5 weeks. I am not sure if they have PCT. Also the prices on the internet are higher than what I paid. I took the evening class which is four days from 6-11 pm. The morning class is for three days.
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    Blessed 2009 did you finish the program at elite medical yet?what was the process?
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    Yes I completed the program. We had classes for four weeks and the fifth week we had clinicals at a nursing home. After that you had to pass a skills check off before sitting for the state exam. As soon as you pass the skills check off, then you pay for the exam. I passed my exam and got my card this weekend.
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    im in the program now and its been very crazy lately. we had clinicals for 1 week but it had got cancelled (Austell). i need help with the skills any suggestions?please. i was told that we have to take the 100 question test then skills. the thing is she hasnt helped us with the skills. Msjones

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