Chattahoochee Technical College Spring 2013 - page 30

I was just wanting to see how my fellow students are doing with applying and having to wait till October to find out if we got accepted into the program starting Spring 2013. How did everyone do... Read More

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    can anyone who attended this program reach me on facebook tammy kuhn in canton , ga
    i need so many questions answered and will certainly appreciate it

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    LNicole35--Thank you for responding the system does let me IM yet? I did have so many questions, as I really expected to get in after the application class I am not so sure 200 apps only 30 spots? did you have this challenge?
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    Started a new topic specifically for the FALL 2013 Chatt Tech program, I still can't answer any private messages since I am new they block it
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    Does anyone know anything about CTC LPN to ADN Program?

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