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I was just wanting to see how my fellow students are doing with applying and having to wait till October to find out if we got accepted into the program starting Spring 2013. How did everyone do on their TEAS? Any questions... Read More

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    And you're taking classes all the way in Marietta?! You're brave! lol.

    There should still be openings in the Nutrition classes at North Metro, that's a lot closer drive!

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    It's a good thing I double checked. I am actually registered for Wednesdays at North Metro. My husband works in Marietta and I think I was "thinking" of registering there in case of any childcare needs with the kids but apparently I registered right opposite. Ha. Wow. My brain is on overload this month! Sure would be nice if they offered it here in Canton.
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    So are we in the same class? Wednesdays at 10 am?

    I really like the Canton campus, BUT this will be the first class I am taking at the new Nursing building at North Metro, which is really nice also!
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    Yes it's the 10:30-12:20 class.
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    Awesome! See and now we basically already know each other.

    Uhh, I am so bored today. My husband is out of town working and I think I am going to pull out my med term book and review, just in case I get that acceptance letter!
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    Okay my curiosity is getting the best of me, can you shoot me a pm and tell me everything your friend has to say about the program thus far? EVERYTHING. I'm a sponge! If you have a smart phone there is a medical terminology app. I love it and use it all the time to review. I'm a bit of a science /medical nerd. ;-)
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    The app is called Medical Anatomy & Physiology to be exact.
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    Sent you a PM...
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    Figured out my GPA.

    This is for:
    A&P 1 & 2 (plus Labs)
    Medical Term

    My GPA came to 3.43

    Not as well as I would like it to be, but it is a bit higher than the minimum (3.25) I really hope I am not the only person who did bad in Algebra.
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    Girl I took that class 3 times before I pulled a B. I'm a pharmacy tech so I do conversion and math all shift long. Throw a math test at me and it's all downhill. Ha. I think your GPA is fine. Didn't you make all A's in all the others? I would say you have a 3.5.
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