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I was just wanting to see how my fellow students are doing with applying and having to wait till October to find out if we got accepted into the program starting Spring 2013. How did everyone do... Read More

  1. by   lnicole35
    The app is called Medical Anatomy & Physiology to be exact.
  2. by   CallieNM
    Sent you a PM...
  3. by   CallieNM
    Figured out my GPA.

    This is for:
    A&P 1 & 2 (plus Labs)
    Medical Term

    My GPA came to 3.43

    Not as well as I would like it to be, but it is a bit higher than the minimum (3.25) I really hope I am not the only person who did bad in Algebra.
  4. by   lnicole35
    Girl I took that class 3 times before I pulled a B. I'm a pharmacy tech so I do conversion and math all shift long. Throw a math test at me and it's all downhill. Ha. I think your GPA is fine. Didn't you make all A's in all the others? I would say you have a 3.5.
  5. by   CallieNM
    Yeah I have A's in everything else. My C just upsets me because when I got the C it was when I was allowing a man to interrupt my studies and my life (before I met my husband). lol. I retook it a few years ago at another college and got and A but apparently it didn't transfer although everything else from that school did. =)

    Oh well, like I told my friend today, if I don't get accepted- I know what I need to change and I will make those changes next year and reapply in the fall! Right?!!! :spin:
  6. by   CallieNM
    So I have the BEST news!!!

    I called the school today about my C in Math and I told them I thought I had taken the class at Baker and got an A. So they looked it up and guess what?!!! I did!!!

    They transferred it over and apparently I have a B in my Lab somewhere so my GPA has jumped up to a 3.81

    I am ecstatic!!!!!!

    We've got this girl!!!!
  7. by   lnicole35
    That is WONDERFUL news! I had something similar when I applied into Ga Highlands. They said 2 of my classes didn't transfer because CTC wasn't accredited at the time I took them. It stunk.Excited for you!
  8. by   lnicole35
    Hey do you remember which CPR certification we need? The specific one?
  9. by   CallieNM
    Yeah, it is the BLS Healthcare certification through the American Heart Association, not the Red Cross! I have a friend who is a paramedic here in Bartow County said I can get in it for free. I will ask him about it and I will let you know if I can get you in!! Anyway to save money, right?!
  10. by   lnicole35
    Thanks that's very nice of you. I really thought I would go ahead and do it regardless. It would atleast be one less thing to worry about right around the holidays and it's good for 2 yrs.
  11. by   CallieNM
    Your mailbox is full... lol. It won't let me send you any more message.
  12. by   MiMi22
    I have applied for Spring 2013 LPN program. Took the TEAS for the first time today. I got 81.3!!!!!! My GPA is 3.9! Lots of work to get this far!!!! I am so excited!
  13. by   lnicole35
    Welcome Mimi22, those are great scores. :-)