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I was just wanting to see how my fellow students are doing with applying and having to wait till October to find out if we got accepted into the program starting Spring 2013. How did everyone do... Read More

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    November can't come fast enough!

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    I know tell me about it!

    I have been busy trying to find some money towards school next year. I have been apply for scholarships and writing essays, so that is keeping me busy. I ran out of the Pell Grant funding and I am not eligible for HOPE until March...

    Maybe we should just hibernate until Halloween... lol.:zzzzz
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    I wanted to tell you that I have a friend who is in the LPN program at the Appalachian campus. She was telling that she scored just below a 70% on the TEAS and she still got in. She said out of all the people that applied for the program only 16 met the actual requirements, so they didn't even accept 24 people into that program.

    I am sure your score it good enough! You shouldn't worry about it at all!!
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    That is good to know. Thanks!Where are you finding the information for the scholarships if you don't mind sharing some sources? I've briefly looked but heard to really be cautious. I am worried about the costs of getting prepared right before classes start also. All the medical stuff, uniforms, books. I do like how they said at the meeting that the streamlined the costs. That's very appreciated here.
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    I have been looking on at scholarships. I also applied for a sweepstakes from Bed Bath and Beyond. If you go to their website you will see it on there. Its for $5,000 and $400 for books and $500 gift card for Bed Bath and Beyond. Oh I would love to win it. You can put your name in the drawing everyday for a month I think.

    Other than that, I am just trying to find a good student loan. I too am afraid of the initial cost to start the program.

    As for the books, the friend I was talking about earlier, who is about to begin her second semester, told me that her fellow classmates and her all pitched in and purchased the book on the computer (e-book) and they all share the same user name to get on. That way they don't have to pay each to get the books. They learned the trick from a student from a class before them.

    Maybe that is something we all will have to look into if we get more people on here. She told me I could use her username and everything if wanted, since she knows I am paying for everything out of pocket. I am just hoping it is the same books!!

    Medical supplies shouldn't be too bad, I'm going to purchase cheaper things to do clinicals and such because we will have access to a lot more equipment in our clinical sites. The uniforms are kind of pricey. My friend told me that it is only the tops we must buy from given company because they embroider CTC on it and everything. She said the pants from said company are completely see thru so she bought some from another place and they were cheaper, they just have to be white pants!!
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    That would be extremely awesome about the books! Also thanks for the money info. Hopefully we can get more folks on board.
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    I am getting Pellets and Hope grant at the moment but I really need to go in and talk with financial aid and figure out how much longer the grant will keep paying. I believe it up to 95 hrs. Not sure where I am on that but if Pell falls off I'm in trouble. Maybe I can sweet talk our NP at work into loaning me or giving me a stethoscope!
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    Silly autocorrect, that should be Pell.Are you in the Canton area?
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    I ran out of the Pell, it really sucked! But I am grateful starting in March I will get HOPE! That will help out incredibly.

    I do not know how far the Pell covers but HOPE is 65 credit hours. So it will just cover me up to the end of the program.

    I am not in Canton, I live in Cartersville. I was going to the Canton campus for a Anatomy, its only 20 minutes down the street from me. Do you live in Marietta?
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    See they told me back a few yrs ago Hope did 95 hrs so now I definitely need to check. It could have changed when Hope's guidelines changed too. Yikes.I am in Canton literally a few miles from the Canton campus.

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