Chattahoochee Tech LPN Fall 2013

  1. Has anyone applied for the fall practical nurse program at CTC? I have not seen an article for this class but I have applied and this is the information that I got at the info session and in the letter stating that my application had been received. Status of the applications will arrive by mail on July 5th. Interviews will be held on June 24th/28th. A 2 day mandatory orientation will be held in July on the 16th and 18th. Must stay for the entire day or dropped from program. Approximately 30 seats available.
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  3. by   Knoel
    I have applied as well but have yet to hear anything regarding an interview. Have you? I sent an email asking when interviews would be scheduled in hopes of making work accommodations but I have yet to receive a reply. I felt confident that I would at least be granted an interview (4.0 GPA and 93 TEAS) but I must admit, I'm getting a bit concerned.
  4. by   dje5418
    You should have applied for the ASN program with those scores!! I have still heard nothing on the LPN but I know that they are very busy with interviews this week for the ASN program and some of those students may have dual applied. They divided the interview times by one week. Good luck to you! Donna
  5. by   dje5418
    I found another thread for this class but no one has posted interview dates yet.
  6. by   Maria1971

    I have applied for LPN for fall 2013 and my interview will be June 28 at 10 a.m...nervous mode :-( Goodluck to all.

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  7. by   jessrs
    Thank you for posting this information, dje5418!
  8. by   Knoel
    Oh yeah! I just checked back and people are responding! I had my interview today (July 1) and they said they hoped to send out acceptance letters by tomorrow. @dje5418, thanks for the compliment, but after much thought (and interviewing many nurses) I decided that the LPN program was the best fit for my family right now. How did everyone do on their interview? I was a bit surprised to walk in and see five faces.
  9. by   sweaver13
    Does anyone know if they are going to be sending e-mails to everyone or only those that are accepted? Waiting is KILLING ME!! Does anyone know what the dress code will be?
  10. by   Knoel
    I'm pretty sure they send a letter to everyone (however that has not been confirmed). I think letters should arrive by Friday.
  11. by   dje5418
    In my info session they said the dress code for regular classes are scrubs because some extra time in the lab might unexpectedly become available and street clothes are not suitable. White uniforms for clinicals will be ordered from Meridys Uniform Shop (online)on the day of orientation which is August 1. But all this could have changed from the info session.
  12. by   sweaver13
    So for regular classes we can wear whatever scrubs we want? Has anyone gotten anything yet?
  13. by   Maria1971
    Quote from sweaver13
    So for regular classes we can wear whatever scrubs we want? Has anyone gotten anything yet?
    No email today...

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  14. by   sweaver13
    I e-mailed today and they said everyone, whether accepted or not, will know by the middle of July!

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