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Has anyone applied for the fall practical nurse program at CTC? I have not seen an article for this class but I have applied and this is the information that I got at the info session and in the... Read More

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    Quote from sweaver13
    I GOT IN!! Friend me on Facebook: Would love to set up some study groups and get to know you all!! Orientation August 1st, 9-3!Be ready with $280 to pay for background checks and uniforms!! Here we go!!
    Did you receive letter in the mail or email?
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    For those of you who received your letters; when was your interview and what city do you reside in? I wonder if they are sending out by interview dates or last names, or some post offices are faster than others. :/
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    My interview was last Monday, July 1st and I live in Canton. The letter said that you must confirm your seat by next Friday, July 12th.
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    I got in also! My interview was Friday the 28th and I live in Dallas. My letter came yesterday. I can not wait to meet everyone and get started! Any one know what we are suppose to wear to class everyday?
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    We are to wear scrubs every day to class. I got my letter in the mail on the 5th and had my interview on the 28th. I live in Woodstock. We have started a fb page, search CTC LPN Summer Class of 2014.
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    Thanks sweaver13! Just joined the Facebook group. Look forward meeting everyone.
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    I got my rejection letter today in the mail...well,maybe next time..Goodluck to all!

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